Redesign of Synfig Website

Hi, everyone!

As some of you may know, I’m working on the reorganization of synfig website. The work plan can be found here: … ganization
It’s started a long time ago and a lot of work still have to be done.

At this point I have prepared a new cms and started to move old content from current site there.
The important step is website theme. I want all website modules (cms, wiki, forums, etc) to have the same design. Currently I’m working on the theme mockup. Here’s the first results (WIP):

I have used the mray’s splash entry (viewtopic.php?p=5409#p5409) as the base for the heading. I’m using synfig to create mockup, so it’s easy to make changes at this stages. After the mockup will be done I will start implementing it in html/php for cms, wiki and forums (in respective order).

It look quite good!!
Please keep us informed on any further development! :slight_smile:


hey, it’s pretty nice, very simple but appealing, good work!

Very nice looking!

Yes, great work!

Very smart - and kudos for twittering it too!

looks neat. thanks.
do you plan to support multi-language website? I think it’s a + and would be sorry to so it dropped.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback. Many thanks to mray for his entry to splash screen challenge - it’s really makes website look good.

Here’s next WIP:

Notice the random quote in the top-right. Click on the slash on the sidebar guides to the Release Notes page and green Download button - to the download To be honest I want green download button to have more glossy look. Maybe someone can help me to modify it. Also I want a special widget to display random pick from the gallery. And link “View more…” to allow user to jump to gallery browse.
Thank you for reminding me that. I guess there should be language bar somewhere. similar to one that wiki have.

Next one:
Showcase is a place to show cool gallery entries as interactive slideshow.
I don’t like it, because of too much graphic content in the area of Showcase and Current Version.

The alternative one:

i like more this one, having a little taste of the work below download keeps the page clean and organized, i’m looking at the page and i feel that ‘something’ is missing, i can’t tell at all what can that missing thing be, maybe a short preview of th latest post on forums (no idea how this works, but i’ve seen in it in other sites) or one little useless widget, a clock or something

The design of the front page is great in any of its versions. I would just add that the current section where the user is, were highlighted (maybe other color) on the section header, so when visiting the Documentation area the user would notice it because the documentation word in the top bar would be highlighted. Also take account that when the user selects other section than “Home” there probably would be one or more sub headers to navigate in the same section: i.e. Documentation> User, Devel, Writer. So there should be some space there or taken account that the space should be later there.
Thinking on it, we should take account also that current wiki is not designed with fixed width and that the integrated website design is. Something would be needed to adapt.

…just some random thoughts about the things that are coming up :wink:

I agree. Also, when looking at the 1:1 scale the first version is not looking that bad to me. Anyway, it is possible to change blocks positions on the cms level anytime.

I thought about that too, but adding highlight with the color makes top bar look less stylish for my taste. I will post example later so you cat judge yourself.

Sure. I have idea how to make that. Will provide examples for pages other than main.

Wiki theme will be completely rewritten to correspond main cms theme.

Here’s work in progress so far:

While the theme mockup sent to designers for review, here’s small video about new engine of the website:

I guess this is mainly interest of the website admins. :slight_smile:

OK, here’s the sample layouts for various pages:

[attachment=2]design-svg-main.png[/attachment] [attachment=3]design-svg-download.png[/attachment] [attachment=1]design-svg-release-notes.png[/attachment] [attachment=0]design-svg-wiki.png[/attachment]

I think that’s enough. Starting implementing design in html/php…

Good job Zelgadis!

:laughing: MINI GALLERIES FTW! You guys know the websites for OMGUbuntu and Autodesk, right? Usually the banner’s got a clickable button at the right of the banner, which acts as a gallery showcasing the strengths of the product. How about one for Synfig?

OK, the basic implementation of theme for cms is done.
Next steps:

  • check and fix crossbrowser compatability
  • transfer news content
  • transfer gallery content
    Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

Everything is possible, but everything requires time.

I know, but I think there’s a template code for it somewhere (I forgot where exactly). It’s just a simply matter of copy/paste. I’ll let you guys in on it when I find.

Found it (I think)! … lider.html … slide.html

  1. The new cms is not joomla
  2. The main problem is not technical realization, but CONTENT. If someone will provide good and quality sequence of images for such showcase accompanied with text (i.e. showcase mockup), then I’ll be happy to make it run on the website