Redesign of Synfig Website


Hey, you got your man right here! :smiley: Give me the details and I’ll get the designs done.


Good. ^___^
The design should be a sequence of images like slideshow. Size is approximately 300x230 or better larger (480x 270?).
Each slide should be accompanied with text explaining and maybe link.
Speaking shortly - you have to develop the idea, describe it, provide raw material. Developer (me) makes the realization.
Though, I not promise to make it quickly - my top priority is to present EXISTING content first, the content that we already have.


No problem! Except for the link part: I have no knowledge in coding whatsoever, not even HTML, and usually work via Visual Programming methods. Although it’s better to have the gallery-banner in HTML/CSS or something, is it alright if I make the demo in Flash just to show how it rolls? Of course I’ll also provide the banners individually.


Please use any method whatever you like that will help to present your concept. Just make sure to provide sources as well. The css/html coding part is my task.


Screenshot of gallery item page:


Awww, Pirates of Voria looks always good in any gallery!
Just one reminder: do not forget to add a RSS feed for the website.


Looks great!
I love the rating of content. Will higher rated material be shown before lower?


By the way! I recall an article by Andrew Pryce of BlenderGuru which said something really important about website designs. I guess you guys may wanna take a look.

Hit Ctrl+F on your browser and paste: Issues #2: Marketing


Do you mean news RSS, gallery RSS or RSS for everything?

Not yet. Maybe in he future. ^___^

Thank you, very interesting and useful article. Lots to learn.


For the news at last.


Download page:


Support page:


This will be awesome!


nice work.
please don’t forget multi-language switch.
and +1 for RSS on various things (news, gallery)


The new website is launched!


\o/ Congratulations!


Yay! New website!



Holy sheeeeeeitt! Love the new look!

One question though: where’s the gallery? :open_mouth:


Read the main page it says that part wasnt compatible with the new version and needed to be updated…


Looks really, really sweet!

One little thing though…
When I first find or look for a software I want to see a screenshot, the UI is extremely important to me. At this site there is a screenshot at the very first page, but you can’t click to make it larger. You can only kind of imagine how the software looks like.

Also as tushantin points out; where’s the gallery? (I’m sure you haven’t got to that point yet. You’ve done a fantastic job and I don’t want to stress you with the few things you haven’t done.)

One more also; I would like to se a quick presentation of Synfig. A brief overview presenting the software with screenshots. Just presenting the most important bits so you could jump in and explore the software yourself or going deeper into documentation when starting.
As said, just a quick one, one or two pages long. But of course, a simple presentation may not be simple to accomplish…
(I mean other than the short tagline in about or the brief feature overview we already got here)