Recovery of work after synfig crash

Is there a way to recover work after a crash, because synfig crashed after I had worked for like 2 hours and After opening the file, that work was missing. I am also aware this was asked before by @pixelGod here

First be sure you activated autosave or do frequent save.
If possible, when you achieved an important “step” in your work in progress, do a backup.

Also you may find temporary file that you could reuse.
Depending on the OS you run Synfig, the location could differ but it should be near of the config files.

For example, under Ubuntu, I can find files in ~/.config/synfig/tmp
I found there a synfig_instance.file_5F03B596E0F9E069B1EDDB289AD2EEF0 file.
This is a sif file that could be opened in Synfig, but as it doesn’t have the proper extension you need to rename it or to select “Any files” to see it in the Open dialog.
If you have several temp files, try to open them in reverse chronological order

Good luck :slight_smile:

This is very helpful. Thanks.

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