Recovery File Indexing

I am not sure if this has been requested or not (new to the forum.) However, I have been experiencing a ridiculous number of crashes since beginning my use of Synfig Studio. So, that has illuminated an idea for a possible feature which I believe will help alleviate much heartache, even so if it is only selfishly for myself. :stuck_out_tongue:


I worked all day on an animation for a client. I am aware that Synfig crashes frequently on me, so I save frequently. After I generated a preview rendering of my changes I walked away from my workstation and took a break for a while. I came back eventually and loaded Synfig and was prompted to recover crash data, but I certainly closed Synfig after saving and leaving my computer. After opening my save file I discovered the last few seconds of animation were gone! (at least an hour’s worth of work) Heartbroken, I walked away for a bit to cool down and began researching for hours to try to find the recovery files with no luck, alas. (If these recovery files ARE saved somewhere - someone PLEASE tell me!) That sparks my suggestion that follows…


To begin, I believe options would only be mandatory for this feature: on/off, number, date range, etc. My request, if you will so entertain me, is to have a system set in place that catalogs and indexes Synfig recovery saves. An organized list, with date and time displayed so it not only makes critical changes saved, but also backs-up multiple project files depending on the crash scenario.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but this would save so much and would have helped me so much during my learning experience with Synfig. Perhaps have it so it auto-deletes (by choice) after recovery files have lived for X number of days, etc.