RC4 keyframe properties dialog not showing properties of selected keyframe

Because I am unable to retrieve my password (see this thread: [url]New Bug Tracker]), I am no longer able to submit bug reports so I’ll do it here instead.

The keyframe properties dialog seems to be displaying how it was last set, rather than displaying the properties of the currently selected keyframe.

Try this:

  • at 0s, create a circle on the left side of the animation grid
  • at 2s move the circle to the other side of the animation grid
  • create a keyframe at 2s
  • select the first keyframe (the one at 0s), view it’s properties, set the “in” to “constant”
  • reset time to 0, run the animation
  • the circle will move smoothly as expected because the 2nd keyframe is still set to “clamped” by default.
  • view the properties of the 2nd keyframe (the one at 2s), it will show “in” as “constant” even though the 2nd keyframe clearly behaves as “clamped”
  • with the “in” still set to “constant”, click the “apply” button
  • reset time to 0, run the animation, and the circle will jump across the grid as expected because now the 2nd keyframe really does behave as “constant” demonstrating that it really wasn’t constant when it’s properties were first viewed.

thank’s ! … i mean … good catch … :wink:

synfig.org/issues/thebuggeni … issues/861

tracker pass : by the way i have send an email to the dev list, maybe someone with admin right on the tracker will do something for you.