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heyyyy let’s bug synfig !!!


The bug tracker reset password procedure don’t work …$2…kG/5i1Ly
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The requested URL /issues/thebuggenie/reset/password/d%2Ej%2Ea%2Ey/$2…kG/5i1Ly was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Maybe cause of my dots involved username.


I like synfig… but there are tons of bugs still. Too many to count.

I have really started understanding how to use the program, but I keep getting different errors a long the way. Sometimes you cannot render… you can’t load any synfig files from previous versions… I’ve had to redo a scene twice already, and now I have to do it again.

I commend you guys on programming this awesome thing for free… but I think you should just fix what’s there first.

I’m going to see if I can re-download it, and get this scene to render… I keep getting an invalid path error using ffmpeg on 8000 with mp4 rendering to avi… i did it that way for other scenes no problem… it seems to happen with the developement version more… haha, there are still so many problems and bugs that need to get worked out I can’t even list half of them here.

which version is the most stable for making animations?
i want that one so I can finish my video project.

if you would like to make you issues be fixed, don’t complain in this way, please post/report your issues specified!

The latest stable version is 0.64.2, and the development versions are built and distributed for test purpose, please go to for more details. Good luck!

sorry, it’s not that i want to come across as complaining… but i think i found the issue… i’m using the windows version… which based on what i’ve read there is more problems with that then the linux version of the program…
let me redownload the problem and find the specific error that won’t let me render my scene… one moment

I’ll be back in a second with an error code from the black box.

ok, I was using 64.2, and i get a lot of error… and that version won’t even let me open the file i made with it… so I’m using the developemental version… which actually works better… so, the errors when I render are:

Hello sethrobilly,

Can you start a new forum topic with a specific subject about your problem (this way, other user can easier found information about similar problem)
Then, select / copy / paste, more text from the console (actually the screenshot you provide is not very useful)

Nota : you can try to render to c:\mysupersynfigvideo.avi to see what’s happen.

The picture I provided was the best I could do…this forum won’t allow me to post a picture of the full pixel size of the black box of the synfig program… and it won’t let me “copy” paste the lines of code from the black box…

I tried rendering to all of the movie type files, avi, mpeg, and pretty much all of them… I discovered the best way to circumvent the problem is to just render the synfig file to a series of png files… and then render that into any type of movie file you want by using the png files in window movie maker…

It takes a little bit more time… but, it makes it less of a hassle to deal with the program issues synfig currently has…

I’m not a programmer, and I don’t know the first thing about programming, or what lines of code are useful in identifying a problem or not.

I realize that synfig is not even a completed program and that a couple of programmers purely out of the kindness of their hearts are working to make synfig available to the public.

The only thing I can really do is point out the current problems when using synfig… I can’t really identify the codes. To make an analogy comparing programming to genetics… I can see the phenotypical expression of a “bad” gene… but I can’t identify the genetic sequence. So again, I’m not exactly sure what to provide other than what I see at a user’s level.

When I have money, I would love to contribute financially to the project, but the only thing I can really do at this point is to use the program to the best of my ability and provide feedback…

One idea of mine is for the program to contain an algorithym that detects and records every error, and the line of code that it occurred in, as it is made, and then have it be recorded in a txt document that can be manually sent back to the programmers. That would allow for the programmers to see each error as users use the program and it would allow people who don’t understand concepts of programming to give useful information to the programmers other than “phenotypical” feedback. That way, with user’s explanation of the “phenotypical” expression, and the errors in the “genetic” code, the programmers could more quickly ascertain the problems being identified.

Over 2 years later, still a problem. It has nothing to do with dots in your username (because my username doesn’t have any dots). I assumed, after registering and being provided with a temporary password, that the temporary password would be emailed to me. I logged out without changing or recording that temporary password. Now I can’t log into the bug tracker because I can not recover or change that temporary password.