Promotion material

I work in a french public library and plan to introduce animation techniques with Synfig. I want to promote these (educational, no commercial purposes) workshops with a comprehensible visual (not only the software logo).
From this standpoint, the nice visual of the Synfig Studio Training Package would be perfect (without the « training package » mention) : … available/

Do i have the right to use it ? I guess it belongs to Konstantin Dmitriev.
Otherwise, is there any promotion material like posters about Synfig.

Thank you

We created a Synfig flyer here:

You can download it and print as you want. See later post from Rylleman with a dropbox link to the final version. Created with Synfig Studio.
You’ll need to have logo.sif (not .sifz) at the same folder where the file would be. You can find logo.sifz in the examples folder. Open it and save it as .sif extension (uncompressed)

Respect to Training Package usage please refer to Konstantin Dmitriev decision.

Good luck!

I don’t think i will use this flyer (too much text), but thank you for your reply !