plugin to import keyframes - audio synchronisation


I propose a new plugin to help synchronise audio and Synfig animations. It allows to import the timings you highlight as track labels sections in Audacity as Synfig keyframes. … -keyframes


  1. use Audacity to label track segments
  2. export your labels via Tracks > Edit Labels > export, in Audacity, and save them as “labels.txt” in your Synfig project directory.
  3. open your synfig project, save it as SIF (Synfig plugins don’t work on -default- sifz for now)
  4. run the plugin at > Plug-Ins > Import Audacity Labels as Keyframes

or use the command-line: (only on sif files, need to unzip sifz manually):

python in.sif (labels.txt (out.sif))


Decompress plugin archive into your synfig plugins directory (in linux: home/.synfig/plugins)

Let me know how this works for you and how to improve the thing.

I’ve been waiting for such plugin for a long time :slight_smile:

Thank you Berteh

you’re most welcome.

I added a tutorial using this plugin for audio synchronisation in Synfig:

Thanks for the wiki tutorial. Great work on a very useful plugin.

it didn’t work for me in the development version :frowning:

I had this message when running synfigstudio from the terminal then running the plugin from the GUI:

[code]synfig(3675) [09:44:54 PM] info: DockManager::unregister_dockable(): “D2F346312AF5C8D31E0290BF5572DD2A” has been Unregistered

(synfigstudio:3675): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_ui_manager_remove_action_group: assertion ‘g_list_find (self->private_data->action_groups, action_group) != NULL’ failed
synfig(3675) [09:44:54 PM] info: Python 3 binary found: python3
synfig(3675) [09:44:54 PM] info: Loading file: /home/ahmed/Desktop/ali.sif

(synfigstudio:3675): gtkmm-WARNING **: gtkmm: Attempt to call Gtk::manage() on a Gtk::Window, but a Gtk::Window has no parent container to manage its lifetime.

Idle (Last rendering time 0.074207 sec)

the labels file is attached. what do you think?
labels.txt (94 Bytes)

Hello Ahmed.

Please update plugin (either redownload or do a ‘git pull’ if you cloned it from the repository) and try again.

The locale settings of your system were different than mine, and generated Audacity labels with a “.” as decimal separator, whereas the plugin only supported “,” so far… it now supports both.

Sorry for the bug.

works great, thank you :slight_smile:

the same plugin now allows to generate text objects on top of the importing keyframes… if you ever wanted to import and/or animate subtitles, for instance.

demo at
doc at