Please add hints to bugs that need urgent fixes here

Please add your hint to bugs in the documentation that need to be fixed urgently here… Thx.


(number / area / reported / status)
#1 / build instructions / 16.04.2010 nikitakit / fixed 16.04.2010 oho
#2 / download link / 16.04.2010 nikitakit / fixed 17.04.2010 zelgadis

The build instructions are very hard to locate. I think they should be #1 on the developer documentation, not buried in the appendix of the user manual.

EDIT also: The “download” link in wiki sidebar is wrong.

They’ve been on the navigation bar on the left and that didn’t make sense as this is shown to all readers, added them to the developer Doc as requested.

Thanks for the hint.


will ask Zelgadis to fix this.

I just update the Simplified Chinese version of “Getting started” page, after that, I noticed that this page appears in the Tutorials page, actually it should not be there, because it is just a Chinese translation.
I have no idea to get it fixed, Could anybody point me out why this happen?

Thanks in advance.

Hmmm, tried to fix it by using {{}} instead of [[]] in the categories and it does not work.
Maybe Zelgadis knows how to fix it.

Please use {{Category|Tutorials}} instead of [[Category:Tutorials]]. Sorry for inconvenience,

thanks Zelgadis,

In Glossary page redirecting pages with an category:Glossary in them is not listed in the first list but is listed in Pages in category “Glossary”.
Inline Canvas is such an example.

Zelgadis, can you have a look at this, please…?
Actually, what is the difference between pages above and below? Both parts seem to be generated by the scripts…

Hi, I just noticed on the render dialogue page, it says for the quality settings 9 is the highest and 0 is the lowest… It should be 1 is the highest, 9 the lowest, and 0 even lower than 9 (logcially:þ)

Thanks Saorsa, but that’s a documentation mistake that any mortal can amend :wink:. I think that here should be listed bugs on the documentation that needs fix from wiki administrators or a bug in a wiki macro that doesn’t work as expected.

PS: page fixed

Searches made in the wiki automatically limit the results to only the Main namespace. This means that the pages users actually want (in Doc, Dev, etc) are excluded by default. restructure and update the documentations

Should we remove Project: restructure and update the documentations session? since this project is finished.

In fact it’s still in progress. ^_^"
But I would remove that except the note for documentation writers.

done… (someone needs to approve to get it online)


Nice to see “new” energy around the wiki/doc, welcome back!

I have done some minor changes in Writer_Documentation to follow what you (oho) have done in Main_Page (suppres restruc project) … when this will be approved (by zelgadis), i will update /fr corresponding pages.

About Main_Page oho’s modification, what do you think to simply remove the complete
“To all writers and translators
Please read the hints at Synfig Wiki.”
paragraph and be more and maybe being more verbatile around Writer_Documentation link ?

yep, sounds like some good ideas to me.

I’d like to follow this line as well as remove all the hints about known bugs in the documentation,
especially the ones that point to older releases than the actual one.

Instead I’d like to propose a “known bugs/problems” list per version or maybe even for the latest release.
Would also ease the job of keeping the doc up-to-date if we keep version specific things separate.

What do you think?

I plan to launch documentation sprint very soon - we need to update all wiki pages to be consistent with new terminology that will be used in the new version of Synfig. Be prepared. :slight_smile:

There is a bugtracker for that -


You’re right. But there has been a bug tracker before as well and
remarks about known bugs can be found all over the docs, still.

I talked about removing those remarks and moving them to a separate doc,
if needed in docs (additional to bugtracker) at all.

I would be lucky to remove all the old remarks, shall I?

Hey what is that??
any pre-release info for the ones “curious”, like me? :slight_smile: