Please add hints to bugs that need urgent fixes here


My vote is just for removing all remarks that are not relevant anymore.

Sure, here’s the discussion: … devel/4843


I take this as a “go”… :slight_smile:


if you need help about this project, or share something about your plan, maybe i could help,
i’m quite in my own little doc sprint spirit in the wiki already :wink:

ohhh … i was try to look nicer the wiki/duck doc and maybe… sniff… so bad
saying differently, very happy to see the project working to be more usefull and still powerfull …


maybe we should have a new doc “Synfig History” where we could have a special corner for all “Duck Fans of Synfig” :slight_smile:


done. at least for the “Intro” & “Diving In” parts. Needs your approval now.


What a sympathisch idea, even if in the same time i’m tracking “duck” references from french wiki/doc ;-!



I’d like to see some way to keep the old history (somewhere) - there’s a lot of good information about why the things are the way they are - original design decisions, unraveling and back engineering of feature implementations, etc.