Papagayo dilemma

Okay, I’ve used Papagayo before but mostly on windows. Now I have a question… Can’t seem to run the Linux version on Ubuntu. Is there a pre-built DEB version of the installer? If not, know any alternative?

Out of the official packages i don’t really think so, provably has been discussed on AS Forums, i also downloaded Papagayo but there is some sort of problem with dependences, when running from terminal, it asks for, while version libstdc++6 and dev are already installed on my system, perhaps the best solution is windows versions through Wine

I see… Thanks, I’ll do that. Another thing though. After exporting the “voice” I get a .DAT file for use with AS/Moho, but when reading it in Notepad++ it’s got a similar structure as Synfig’s .LST file. But considering this DAT file does not specify the path of image sequence, what happens if we import it to Synfig? How do you use this?

Of course the obvious answer at first would be to copy all of Papagayo’s “voices” to the project folder and let Synfig import it, but I wonder if I’m wrong.

Try jLipsync by David Cuny.


He also created Yolo a Papagayo like program but it may be to buggy to use.


Check his home page for more Information. [](

Hope you find this helpful :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: That looks even better than Papagayo. And with an exposure sheet too! Thanks, dude!

I personally like jlipsync, but genete did add support for papagayo files directly
"Since svn r1540 the list importer allows also import Papagayo output lipsync voice files. "

See for more information

Is there any documentation on the jlipsync export format? :unamused:

Lately, I haven’t been able to get either Papagayo or JLipSync to work on Ubuntu 10.10. Papagayo doesn’t start at all. JLipSync starts but stops functioning after a few seconds of scrubbing.

Oddly enough, I can sort of get Yolo working:

Yolo is basically a clone of Papagayo. I’m able to use it as long as I avoid scrubbing. (If I scrub, it stops functioning just like JLipSync.) Of course, lacking the scrub feature throws a monkey wrench in the process, but it’s better than nothing.


Okay, another problem. Using Natty Narwhal at the moment, tried JLipsync but for some damn reason it won’t scrub (well, it does, but there’s no sound). Papagayo won’t seem to import any audio file. I somehow got Yolo working, though.

But even so, I can’t seem to change the frame rate. My animation is 15 FPS but I only get standard film options such as 24 and 30…

EDIT: Okay, now Yolo won’t scrub either…

I’m running Linux Mint 11 these days and I just tried JLIpSync and got the same problem as before. After a few scrubs, the sound stops working. Arrrggghhh! The lack of a reliable lip sync program on Linux is really a project derailer (is that even a word?). My Freezy The Snowman thing from last Christmas (made with Synfig, by the way) almost came to a crashing halt for lack of a lip sync program. (And if you watch the end result, you’ll see that my “guess and check” lip sync turned out “swimmy” and really awful.)

I code actionscript 3 by day and I’ve also learned a bit of java (to which as3 bears a striking resemblance). I’ve considered a) diving into JLipSync to see if I can figure out how to bring it up to date and get it working again (at least under Linux) and b) creating an open source Air application for lip sync (“Air-Lip” ?). I just keep not finding the time to commit to either idea.


Here I have papagayo, up and running, and it eats audiofiles,
namely wav files with

Sampling rate: 44.1 KHz
Bit depth: 16 bits

everything else gets ignored.

Doesn’t work with Ubunut 14.10. Dependency python-wxgtk2.6 not met. 2.8 is installed.

Please try updated version of Papagayo - … pagayo-ng/

Of course the obvious answer at first would be to copy all of Papagayo’s “voices” to the project folder and let Synfig import it, but I wonder if I’m wrong.

hello, i have the same problem with papagayo, have you solved it? papagayo starts to eat the text in the green box when i try to extend the text to the end of the sound, please help

the papagayo-ng doesnt work for lip sync with spanish text, right?

Please check the solution here -

The latest version of Papagayo-NG does have support for Spanish language.

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Hello Kontantin
I have too many problems with papagayo-ng.
When I use the last version I obtain this

If I use other versions, dont allow me to save the pgo file

please help


@marty I have the same problem as yours on Win 8.1 64b (same UI bug)
I would suggest to use the genuine Papagayo or use a Linux version of Morevna’s flavor in a Virtualbox until a fix will be done :wink:

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