New Synfig demo reel!!!

Hi folks!
I’ve recently found a post in the lostmarble forum of a guy offering his music to the animators to produce a video clip. Then it came to my mid the idea of a new demo reel. I think we have enough material for a new one and we can get advantage of the offer of this guy.
I’ve contacted him:

What do you think dear Synfig users? A demo reel is a time consuming task and we should divide the work as much as possible. I offer to do the final production in my computer but we need to collect the demo parts, decide the order, write a script, sync with the music, … Come on! a new demo reel will give us a new re-launch!


English (I hope):
I suggested it here.
It’s a great idea. The question of the music also sounds good. I liked Ulrik’s music in the previous demo reel. I also offered to add music to your dragon if you decided to animate it. My offer still stands, not only for the dragon. We could also vote, as in the splash screen, for choose which works can be included. It would not be necessary to do the same, it would be enough for everyone who wants to say in a forum (perhaps this one) what do you think that should get out (not be limited to one vote). If it’s okay, I’m going to vote:
berteh: Real Fire
mad0: splash screen blue flower, flag.
Genete: flag, dragon, dog (walk cycle), skeleton, lion’s mane.
pixelgeec: skeleton hand with guitar, blue spring for the splash screen.
H13N.H3N: Synfig generic intro, fireball,
dmn: Little Red Riding Hood.
saorsa: musicians fruits, ice effect.
Animtim: Soldier for the splash screen, flag, mouse for the splash screen.
ryllemann: new little bumper.
muhkayoh: Boiler fire, cramped hotel room.
Zelgadis: Ivan for the splash screen, or any scene of the Morevna project.
zenoscope: little space men for the splash screen.
tushantin: water test.

Español (Spanish):
Ya lo sugerí aquí.
Me parece una gran idea. Lo de la música también me parece bien. La música de Ulrik me gustó en la anterior demo reel. También me ofrecí a ponerle música a tu dragón si decidías animarlo. El ofrecimiento sigue en pie, no sólo para el dragón. También se podría votar, como en las splash screen, pare elegir qué trabajos se pueden incluir. No sería necesario hacerlo igual, bastaría con que cada uno que quiera diga en un foro (quizá este mismo) qué cree que debería salir (no tiene porqué limitarse a un voto). Si te parece bien, voy a votar:
berteh: Fuego real
mad0: splash screen, bandera.
genete: bandera, dragón, perro (ciclo de marcha), esqueleto, melena de león.
pixelgeec: mano del esqueleto con guitarra, primavera azul para el splash screen.
H13N.H3N: intro genérica de Synfig, bola de fuego,
dmn: caperucita roja.
saorsa: músicos frutas, efecto de hielo.
Animtim: soldado para el splash screen, bandera, ratón para el splash screen.
ryllemann: new little bumper
muhkayoh: caldero con fuego, habitación del hotel.
Zelgadis: Ivan para el splash screen, o cualquier escena del proyecto Morevna.
zenoscope: hombrecillos del espacio para el splash screen.
tushantin: water test.

I knew you would be the first one to reply :mrgreen: (I was aware of your proposal, sorry for do not coment it in the initial post)
The first thing to do is to obtain the agreement of the people to have their work included in the demo reel. It is vacations time for lot of people now so we should wait for their return. I offer all my works for being included in the demo reel.
The voting is not a good idea I think. Maybe only if the amount of cuts are more than the needed then we should decide by voting who’s out, but I don’t think it would be the case.
I like your first list but as said we need the offer of people for that.
Looking forward others opinion/suggestions.

I think it is a great idea!!

Synfig is getting a lot of attention right now (just search for it on twitter :slight_smile:) and this will raise attention of the FOSS community to the improvements, and possibly new users!

All my works are available for the reel, if you wish any of them.

Use anything of mine you find suitable. I can provide high-res version if needed.

i’ll be glad to help, i’m currently only working on the icon packs under the Gnome-Tango standards, i felt quite inspired by the fact that Wine now uses it.
so anything i can do for you, count with it =) (specially particles! yai!)

Good idea to make a fresh new demo for Synfig!
Use any of the files I sent as you want!

I don’t have much time these days but if you need help for a particular task you can still ask me, I’ll manage to do it.

is a very good idea to make a new demo real!
if you want anything from animations I posted here, or those that are on vimeo, no problem, I send you the files :slight_smile:

I’ve just volunteered in another thread to do the showreel edit.

I’m going to look through the forum for content like the ones Rafael suggested but if you would like to help please add links here to films and if they’re yours please add a line that you agree to their use in the reel. I will otherwise try to contact anyone who’s material I’m using and haven’t got permission from.

I’m going to use Kdenlive for the editing so it’s easy for anyone else to chime in if necessary.

I’m also going to be tough in selection, it’s going to be decided by quality and by if it fits into the reels pace and structure. If I got a good clip that doesn’t fit well into the reel I’m ditching it. I’ts hard times now. :wink:

Also I’m going to post wips (work in progress) here in the forums so all of you can have a say, trying to convince me to include clips I’ve skipped etc.

Any thought before I get to it?

-Be aware of the problems of different size aspects and frame rates of the current original files.
-Contact the musician first to be aware of the music length and the amount of material needed to fill it.
-The benchmark would be to create/adapt a set of sifz files that can render the sections of the video without any other postproduction than concatenate and mix with the music.
-Would it be possible to use Zelgadis’s remake for the render farm and project control?
-Contact pixelgeek to ask how did he do with the last one.

  • We can enable a repository at sourceforge to push/pull the material and the demo reel project in order to keep it there for future references. Ask me if you have considered to enable a git repo for the needed data.
    -Good luck!

All my sifz files can be used in the demo reel.


Of course. :slight_smile:

I prefer to do edits in an edit program like Kdenlive. I can look into using Synfig for this but I got a feeling it’s a very blunt tool with a lot of work arounds to get it to do what I want. Also it’s very hard to cue to a music track without an actual music track.

Perhaps. I’ve never tried it. Looks interestig though.


I’ve never used git. does it require much setup and learning?

Thank you.

Noted. Mine also.

The biggest challenge I found was making sure all the screen resolutions matched. Some of the animations were extremely time consuming to render, and I ended up using multiple PCs to get them done. Once I had all the raw material, it was relatively straightforward to edit them to the soundtrack (I used Pinnacle Studio for Windows).
I like genete’s suggestion of being able to render them all from a script /git/remake/automated process. I keep thinking about remastering the original demo reel now Youtube and vimeo are HD enabled, but the prospect of rerendering it by hand is daunting.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

Hi my friends.
As this thread is stopped, i’m going to take control of it.

@rylleman, if you are still interested, we can work together. If you have not any time, don’t worry.

First of all, we have the permission of Genete, Pixelgeek, mad0, Animtim, nqatsi, dustbunny, and of course, rylleman and me. I think it will be good to have much more, so we can wait until some many people agree to share their works whith us.

(Don’t worry about the music. I have some ideas for this).

It would be great if you’re willing to do this!
It’s been nagging my conscience. I always take on more than I have the time for…
Thank you.

you have my permission too - I’ll send files if someone needs them

@Saorsa: thanks.

There are some works that have been shared by their creators (eg fire Berteh, the introduction of H1N3.H3N…). I believe I can use them.

I would like to use different examples to those used in the first demo reel. Perhaps it might help some challenges in the coming months, for example:

  • How realistic can you get?
  • Combining animation and video capture

What do you think about?

Looks fine to me. Unfortunately video handling is not Synfig’s strongest part but if the video is previously converted to a png sequence it is ok.

Rilleman wrote:

Can you send me that?

Yes, I was thinking in something like “Jedi’s pencil” that is in the last demo reel.

I need someone (english native speaker) who register this: “Welcome to the Synfig Demo Reel”. You can post here in MP3 format.