My program looks different?

I just downloaded synfig, and I don’t have any experience with animation at all, so I looked over the tutorials. Only it seems like some of the windows are missing? I’ve got a toolbox, root animation box, canvas browser, and layers; but it looks like the panels are missing. Also, is there anyway to put all of these boxes in one window, or are they stuck in different windows?

Thanks. :'D

You’ve just to open the “File” menu, then select “Panels”. :wink:
Panels are stuck in different windows…

Indeed, you can gather up some panels among Vertical and Horizontal Dock (simply dragging them in or out the Dock).

I clicked on the caret, but the only things under file were things like “new,” “open,” and “render.” Am I looking on the wrong place? D;

Yes. You’re probably looking on the Canvas File menu. You’ve to check above the Tools window.

As say Paolo Q., you will found a panel list in the menu of the toolboox window

And you can found more infos about synfig windows/dialog and panels in :


Nota : the doc there can be rewrite i think, the panels things is not very explicit.

OH. I see it. Thanks so much guys!

lol… I had that problem too when I switched operating systems and couldn’t find the menu any more!

Glad to see you here!