Mirror of an object

Hi all,

I need to mirroring a “complex” object.

Is an encapsulation of a sequence of BLine and Width tools.

How can I do?

There are maybe problems if the object is zoomed.


You can mirror on X, Y or both by using a Stretch Layer. Set its amount parameter accordingly.
X mirror: (1, -1)
Y mirror: (-1,1)
X&Y mirror: (-1,-1)
If you need to do a rotated mirror use a rotate layer later and link the origin of the rotation to the origin of stretch.

GREAT :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

So Easy? :exclamation:

Another question…

There is an Italian translation of Synfig?

If so, where is and, how can install’it?

THANX :exclamation:

There isn’t.
You can help on translating if you want.


I try to do it, I’ve so little time but… :slight_smile:

I sadly must work under win, so I can’t generate a .po file (I think) for tranlations…

Can you provide me one or, where can I find the last version?


P.S : Maybe a new area for translators could be generated in the forum?

Translate the source code implies modify the .po files. Those files are re-generated when you make update-po in each folder. That’s the best way to warp a up to date po file that covers all the new translation strings commited in the git repo.
Anyway, for a new clean translation you can start by modifying the already existing one for Spanish.
Check it out here.

Use them as base files, and don’t forget to fill all the fields!
For easy translation use poedit.net/download.php It has a windows version.
Once you have the modified po files, rename them to it.po respectively and post them here or at the patch tracker. You should determine your language by running msginit but I’m not sure if it would work in windows, so you have to hack it a bit by reusing the current es.po file. It is the more close one to your language.

Once posted, I’ll take care on commit them :slight_smile:


I’m not really sure that Synfig for Windows works in anything but English. We really need someone in a non-English speaking country to compile it and figure out if it works or not. Maybe when I get Virtual machines working under Win7 I’ll set up some non-English machines. In my copious leisure time…


Hi Chris,
I’ve a very little experience coding-compiling c/c++ codes under win.

I’ve Xp at home, wich compiler must be used? Not free I suppose…

X Genete
I’m at near half way translating core-it, some phrases are very difficult to fit in goal.
In other words, I’m not always sure to understand the exact context, any suggestions?


Do not translate them if you’re not sure. After you use the program extensively then you’ll find the right word for each one.
Also you can look into the code where the string is used. It is marked in the po file.
Be sure that you’re using the po files from git repo and tell me which is the commit from where you get it from. I eventually would need to move to that branch to be able to merge to the current HEAD.
Good luck

Hi Genete, how are you?

Translating text I’ve found this :
synfig-core-po-it.po (see the es file at line 2299)
#: src/synfig/paramdesc.cpp:64
msgid “_Composite”
msgstr “_Composito” <-OK

#: src/synfig/paramdesc.cpp:65
msgid “_Straight”
msgstr “_Directo” -> msgstr “_Diretto” <- Both WRONG!?

#: src/synfig/paramdesc.cpp:66
msgid “_Onto”
msgstr “_Encima” -> msgstr “_Sopra” WRONG -> msgstr “S_opra” <- OK!?

… and so on …

Reading .cpp code it seems that theese voices are menu’s voices and the _ set before the chr in the word is the shortcut to call the menu voice typing ALT+< the char after the _ >

If what I suppose is right maybe the spanish translation is wrong and I must translate accordly to this.

If so (or otherwise the same) what I must do if no common letter is available in Italian word regard the English one?


msgid “_Onto”
msgstr “Encima _O”


msgid “_Onto”
msgstr “Encima ALT + O”



Short cuts letters not necessarily have to be the same for each language. The only requisite is that the shortcut letter were no repeated in the same menu list for the same language (when possible).

are both fine, they use the ‘D’ shortcut although the English one uses the ‘S’ (Straight).


Hi there!

A first traslation version of po files is complete.

How can I can compile sources under win or KUbuntu in order to verify “on live” the result before post you files?

KU make …
Win ?


Better to compile under linux:
Please follow the following instructions:
to build the current source code.

There are some things that you should consider:

  1. When you get the code using git clone you get a copy of the current repo and its selected branch points to the current master branch.
  2. You probably have modified the files for an intermediate commit of the master branch. You have to identify the commit where you did retrieve the po file in order to not produce conflicts when applying the patch of your it.po file.
  3. Before apply the patch you have to recreate the current translation of your local branch by following these instructions: synfig.org/wiki/Dev:Translation. It implies to tell the country code and so.
  4. Once the it.po file is created (for synfig-core and for synfigs-studio) you can replace them by the two new ones and compile again. Then test the translated version. Remember that the build instructions can place the binary produced in synfig/install/bin depending on if you used the proper $prefix environment variable.
    If you picked up the Spanish po files from the links I gave to you then current master branch is the one where you could apply the new translation easily because you don’t need to climb up in the git history.

Once you’re happy please send me the po files to apply them to the master branch
Good luck!

Hi Genete,

I’ve lost myself!

What’s git clone?
What ETL,
wich branch,
where I can find the country code
it’s msginit a shell command?

I’m really a newbye!

Pls guide me step by step (one at a time) for evrey phase!

At the moment I attach the draft of the po files (renamed in add as txt).

THANKX for your patience.
synfig-studio-po-it.po.txt (128 KB)
synfig-core-po-it.po.txt (90.9 KB)

If you dont’ mind I can apply those files by my self. It won’t be a problem.
Don’t burn yourself trying to understand that (git, clone, ETL, etc.) if you really don’t want to become a developer.
Once I apply the po files you can review the translation in the new version (which is planned to end of April).
Later you can easily update the translation by similar work like now. Using translation helping programs speed up the proccess.
Please stay tunned for new relases. The best moment for a translation update is jsut before the release because all the strings that need translation are ready.

Thanks for your contribution.

Hi, thanx.

I would like (at the moment) to learn how to manage only translation and compiling a local test version (on my pc).
My compiling-coding experience it is only for 1-2 coders on local pc’s and compiling under linux sources.
As told, the po files are draft that I would like locally see before post them in next release.

So pls let me know rally basic operative to:
1) To know wich is the version of po I’ve used
(and recognize wich are the the right sources to download -and where- and compile)
2) The steps to compile locally the downloaded file/s
(a sintesi of synfig.org/wiki/Dev:Build_Instructions for local compiling !?)

I know I can be boring, but if you can explain to me in outline how the general mechanisms of management software for Synfig, I would love to know.

eg. in
projects / synfig / synfig / summary
the first link
Carlos Lopez
Make less verbose insert waypoint smart. master
commit | commitdiff | tree | snapshot
contains the h parameter:
and the link provided by you in this forum for downloading po core file
does it mean something?

If you think better ignore the eg and explain me about the 1 and 2 points as above.

THANK YOU :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Hi BottyE,
I’ll try to synthesize the instructions that are already written in the wiki:

Main source documentation:

Build Steps:
Please do not try under windows. It is a nightmare. Use linux. Better ubuntu.
I have here a straight forward instructions. Please post there if you still having problems. Notice that the binaries are in: (pwd)synfig/install/bin where (pwd) is the path to where you performed the git clone command.

Translation steps:
The po files you have used are coming from the current master branch (the latest official stable branch we have), so the build instructions will generate binaries compatible with your po files.
Once you have build the current master version (and have tested it running) you should obtain the po/synfig.pot and po/synfigstudio.pot files. They are the template files that use the .po files for each language in runtime. If you don’t have them in the source code then run make update-po in each synfig-core and synfig-studio folders.
Once you have the templates you have to run msginit which will determine your language code. It should be ‘it’ but it is better to be sure. It will generate the it.po file after ask your email. Repeat it for both core and studio)
Then you can safely replace the generated it.po file with your translated from the spanish one it.po file. Remember to correctly filll the header of the po file. Look the other fr.po, es.po ca.po etc. and even your autogenerated it.po file for reference. Edit your translated it.po file with kbabel for example would allow you easily fill the header using its nice gui.
Once each it.po files are ready you need to modify the configure.ac file in each core and studio folders. Search for the ALL_LINGUAS variable and add your language there.
Then run again the autoreconf and make install commands from the build script from the forum link above. Be sure that the:

prefix=$(pwd)/install export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="$prefix/lib/pkgconfig" export PATH=$(pwd)/synfig-core/src/tool/.libs:$PATH export CXX="/usr/bin/ccache /usr/bin/g++" are called again.

Run synfigstudio (synfig/install/bin/synfigstudio) and test your translation.

Good luck :wink:

For your info: I’ve applied the patch for the it.po files. In the next version Synfig Studio will be in Italian too.
Congratulations and thank you very much.

Hi Genete!

I hope you had an Happy Holy Easter for you :exclamation: :smiley:

I must attach two new PO files because I’ve found an important error to repair about waypoint in both files (core&studio). :frowning:
In attach the renamed po->po.txt files that must be substitute to previous sent files.

I hope this is not a problem.

I’m setting my virtualbox kubuntu for compiling but I’ve no time and many problems to do that.

I cant post (commit?) the .po files with git :exclamation: :question:

Is this the right place to post this … :question:

Beh, nice day.
synfig-studio-po-it.po.txt (128 KB)
synfig-core-po-it.po.txt (90.9 KB)

Hi BottyE,
There is not problem with the new translation modifications. Regarding to give you git access I wish to apply those kind of patches by my self or by usual people that commit code modifications.
If you plan to send other code commits please let me know. We are looking for new developers, but I prefer that patches like translation are applied by the regulars coders. To gain git access it is normal that you send some patches to the tracker to proff your code abilities :wink:
Thanks again for your contribution and be ready for the new release!