May '10 - Fire!

Several people mentioned that they thought a candle & flame might make a good challenge. I’m going to open it up a little wider than than and see if we can’t get some cool flame effects and infernos going. Matches, candles, fireplaces, major conflagrations…

Flame on!

I’m glad to put the first entry for this “Fire!” challenge! comments are welcome.

turn your sound on, and if you want to hack into attached synfig file feel free!

Technique inspired by … 8522#88522: a defined flame form is moved and twirled along a BLine… I could make it go in any direction :slight_smile:
flame.sifz (6.05 KB)

Quite nice bereth!
I’ve seen the other fire you have posted on vimeo, wow! Can you share the sifz file? It would be awesome if you or someone else do a tutorial for it!! :smiley:


My plans where to solve a few issues with this second fire before sharing it… but here we go anyway for my second entry for this challenge. Hope you like it and it inspires some of you! comments are welcome.

The source .sifz file is attached, free for reuse under Creative Commons (by nc sa). Hide the group called “irregularities” to speed up rendering (at the cost of a less realistic flame).
Tutorial is available in the wiki: … _Animation, but more simply the basic idea of the technique is:

  • a black&white, vertically moving (origin: linear), noise background
  • a fixed black&white gradient mask to darken its top (hence shutting the flames down, blend mode: subtract)
  • an orange color layer (blend mode: color) to get some heat!

The issues I was talking about are mainly relating to encrusting objects in the flame, eg: how can I turn only the black transparent, neither luma key nor “screen” blend mode seem to work for now.
raging_fire.sifz (4.17 KB)

WOW :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Awesome, spectacular… Bravo

@ berteh: Congratulations for your tutorial. I’ll translate it ASAP. :smiley:

Here is my fire:
cirio.sifz (46.8 KB)

Good work Rafael! :smiley:
I would give a bit more or randomness to the light source and a bit more feather to the lighted area. Anyway the drawing looks good to me.

nice, thanks!
You may want to change the color of the flame and candle outline to something more colorful… eventually.

cool, thanks Rafael! I made a french version available too.

[size=80]-edit: update status of FR translation-[/size]

Fire good! (Despite what certain reanimated creatures may say…)

Anyway, here’s a frame from a short piece I’m working on. The fire in this one looks better animated than as a still, but I thought I’d throw this frame up just to get in on the fire action.


muhkayoh, the frame is awesome. I can’t wait to see it animated!!

Excellent. When will we see the animation?
Soon, I hope… :slight_smile:

Very nice entries!

Here is my attempt: (722 KB)

I like the effect of your rising bubbles, thanks for the idea Animtim.

Beautiful colors in the fire Animtim. Nice entry.

Very nice, Animtim. Good fire.

I’m glad you like it!
I’m not entirely satisfied with the animated result, it could be improved, here is the sifz file if someone wants to play with it:
Satrip-Flame01.sifz (4.43 KB)

This is an old video I did long time ago. I haven’t the source file. I only remember that render the four seconds took some hours… in a 8 years old computer :wink:

I’m surprised that no one toke advantage of the particle template, i made a flame!!:


It was pretty fun play with particles, perhaps, along with Bone system is one of the things i enjoy in animation software, like Anime Studio or Blender.
here is the sifz file, i don’t remember which was it original license, but i’ll leave it in creative commons.

anotherfiretest.sifz (9.22 KB)

btw, it would be cool if Genete would tell me if it’s possible to make cyclic particle animation

He’s cute! I like him.