May '10 - Fire!


Particles! \o/


nice entry H13N.H3N!


Very cute, H13N.H3N!

It reminds me an ancient version of Pacman on my Amstrad. Very funny.


XD thanks to everyone, i hope in the future we can have our particle Layer, it’s on my wish-list for the next release of Synfig ;D


Ok, the sun is made of fire…
Did a little cut-out experimenting. All parts made out of paper, scanned and animated using Synfig.


Source, rather large due to images: …


Rylleman! you entry at the last minute looks great. Paper texture is awesome!


ah! looks great! you should try to add some birds too


love it. thanks for the freshness of this little animation.


Cool cut-out experiment, rylleman! And I love H13N.H3N’s fireball dude!

Here’s mine actually moving. I’m hurriedly trying to finish that darn trailer I’ve been working on forever in time for a convention this weekend. Wish me luck. I’ll need it! :open_mouth:



@rylleman: good experiment: I like it.

@ muhkayoh: very good. I’m getting hungry…


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: That’s professional!!!


hey, that’s nice!!