Masking a layer with layers from a lower group

  • I have 3 layers in Group A and 3 layers in Group B.
  • Group A sits above Group B.
  • I want the bottom layer of Group A to be masked (covered) by the 2 top layers of Group B
  • That bottom layer of Group A should stay in Group A (because it has to rotate with Group A)
  • How can I do this?

I tried giving that bottom layer a ridiculously high Depth correction number (like 50). But it still continues to cover all of the layers of Group B.

I don’t think you can proceed like this.
Group A (and its children) will always be above Group B (an its children).
Instead of this you could try to create supplementary groups, place them interleave and link origin points together.

From top to bottom:

  • Group ATop (with the 2 top A layers)
  • Group BTop (with 2 top B layers)
  • Group ABottom (with bottom layer of group A)
  • Group BBottom (with the lower B layer)

Link origins of ATop and ABottom
Link origins of BTop and BBottom

Now animate only ATop and BTop for rotation (or other transforms), their XBottom will follow them :wink:

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