Marketing (bit off topic, but found no better place...)

Hi there…
how do we spread the word as soon as we have 0.62.01?
What did you do in the past?
Who can do what?

Please share and collect your ideas below. Thanks.

There are some steps to do after the release (after the upload of the tarballs to sourceforge). Checkou them here: … t_of_stuff
Anyway more promotion can be done in other places of course.

ok, sounds good so far.
some additional ideas:

  • update all Wikipedias
  • es
  • fr
  • ru
  • de
  • it

] write press release (PR)
] send PR to all win/linux/debian/ubuntu… user groups, again: en, es, fr…[/:m]
] send PR to major magazines (OS independant, Win, Linux, …) in all countries…
] to be able to do that: develop an email distr. list (everyone can contribute with adresses of important magazines, user groups[/*:m][/list:u]

push, what do you think??

I think that the most important thing to do is write a good press release (PR) and publish it in the website. There, it can be translated to any language just installing the language plug-in (I’ve installed just the Spanish one) and after that just send the link of the PR with a small mention to all the places you have said. Included Twiter and Facebook if weren’t mentioned before.
Of course I think I should take care on the PR with the revision of a native speaker and then translate it to other languages.
I can manage accounts to anyone who want to be a redactor in the website for the translation thing. Just ask me.
At last it should be translated to French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and any other?
Oliver, can you update the Release page of the wiki with yours and/or those ideas?

Meanwhile I need to focus on the release :wink:

Genete, thx, will do… (update wiki as requested).

I’ve been success to install the French components for translate the website but I am having problems to install the extensions for German as well as for Chinesse. (Not tested the Italian one yet).
I guess that it is due to that the version available of the translation extensions waits a joomla version a bit more modern that the current one. I would like to update the joomla engine installed but I would do it carefully and after the release.
Meanwhile I would write the PR in English and would thanks any native English speaker to polish it. Once I’m less buay I’ll update the joomla engine and install the needed language extension packs.
jcome has offered him to translate the website to Chinesse and Berteh to French. I’ve created an account for Berteh and am waiting the personal details of jcome to create his account.

Oho, do you want an account on the website to translate to German the PR and or other pages? (not obligated, just asking).


Open to do so… later…
but would also just translate the PR and send that one out independently from Joomla DE support…

I like to concentrate on documentation and some marketing not translation so much for now… (while I still love to make the DE translation of Synfig Studio as soon as possible for my Kids’ project…).

Added the ideas to the release page…

Please feel free to add more addresses!

One more:
we should add the splash screen(s), the logo and some other pictures for the press people to be able to add an eye catcher.
I’d love to have that together with the PR, to make sure we have a common look and feel for the respective Version/Release…


I’ll write a press release in the website before the official release and keep it unpublished until we decide it is well written/formatted/eyecandied :wink:. Anyone who want to participate on the PR making let me know and I’ll add a Redactor account in the website.

I’m open to do the “Newbie’s” proofreading, adding ideas (if I have got some) and the german translation.
If you think that needs any authors’ rights, then feel free to grant them to me…

I’ve taken the liberty of editing it to make the English sound a little better.

Thanks nikitakit :slight_smile:

What about a video? I discovered Synfig with this:

Demo Reel!! \o/ but we need a new one… that’s from 2008!:wink:

I’ve added more content. A native speaker reading and correction would be great:

My round of changes. I couldn’t do a very good job with the ending, perhaps pixelgeek can improve it.

Ok. let’s do it. Perhaps a challenge for include anything for a new one?
Or may be to use some of the works posted here (like berteh’s fire, mad0’s splash screen, Genete’s dragon, …?

nikitakit, genete - looks good. Nothing jumped out at me except for genete’s ending which nikitakit cleaned up nicely.