March Challenge - March is MONSTER MONTH!!!

Large or small.
Cute or terrifying.
Still or animated.

Give us your best monster!

Hey, this time I started before H-5, woohoo :stuck_out_tongue:

Touched by his noodley appendage…

Hey! it needs a name!
Good work pixelgeek! :smiley:

Oh, he has a name.

Heh, heh…


Hi , i’m new here :smiley: (i dont speak english TT.TT). well this is my first draw, the head dont like me but is something. this has been very fun! … the synfigs shield

Nice image, auriel.

I was playing around and did my first attempt at a Synfig walk cycle. The character is weird if not quite monstrous, but here it is in case I don’t get to try a proper entry:


Excellent drawing auriel!
Although I won’t be in your body when animate it! (due to its big amount of details!)

Welcome to synfig forum! forward to see more drawings and animation from you.
Please contact us if you need help with the animation tasks and we gladly respond (if we can :wink:)


Hi Matt!
good walk cycle. Looks quite fine!. Would it be possible to share here the sifz file? You can post sifz files using the forum host with a limited size.

Also I hope you don’t mind if I insert a flash link of your animation. It would help to watch your animation without loosing the focus on the forum:



Auriel: Awesome work!

Wow, great job auriel, you have patience with details :slight_smile: (and the synfig shield is nice :smiley:)

Pixelgeek: didn’t you eat too much spaghetti lately? :slight_smile:

muhkayoh: Nice anim, I like the walking eyeball idea. (makes me think of The Residents)

Ok, here’s mine, cute and stupid monster

The animation can be found here :

And the sifz file is here:

Well done rore! :smiley:

This is my monster version:


[size=150]this[/size] is the link to the youtube video and the link to the original AVI is [size=150]here[/size].

And the sifz file, if someone is interested, is attached.

monsterwhale.sifz (68.5 KB)

Superb - One of the recommendations for genete’s video on Youtube is
Which is actually the song I was thinking of that gave me the idea for the competition…

The Boggie Monster - This is my entry for march .

Had the idea for a week, but did it in a few days.

The File -

Hahaha, awesome factor! Loving everyone’s entries!

Hehe, I really like the new background on Genete’s entry, compared to the black & white from his draft :slight_smile: Now this is where you see some people love details, because I know that on my side, I would have added only a blue gradient, not so many (great) details :slight_smile:

Factor, this is excellent :slight_smile: It’s a still image but it does have a sense of motion :smiley:

I will have to try an animation later , lots of ducks to deal
with on this one. will do a more low-poly method next time.

Good entry factor!
Would like to see it animated!!

@rore: thanks for your kind words! :slight_smile:


hi. this is my monster animation.
i like the fairly oddparents show xD–9Lv6ZugM