March Challenge - March is MONSTER MONTH!!!


hey auriel! two entries and one of them wonderfully animated! cool!
Would it be possible to share the sifz file?


xD mi sifz archive is bad. i was talking with rore about it on the irc, but this archive fixed itself, was magic.

the source is here
the animation is here–9Lv6ZugM


Here’s my…hmm…monster? well, at least he think he is…

How do you do that one can see the youtube movie directly here? …


edited Thank you Genete and the code worked! :slight_smile:


Quite cool ulrik! Welcome back! :slight_smile:
to include your flash animation just insert the http address between this code

replacing the width and height values for the proper ones and the url with your url flash animation.

Like this:




Nice one Ulrik - good to see you around again!

Tip for all posters - Don’t forget to include the direct url so that those of us without flash enabled browsers can grab the video.


One final entry for the challenge :smiley:

To see on browser:

Video file:

SIFZ file: … morph.sifz

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, I like dragons a lot :smiley:. One of the things I would like to do the most is to animate dragons on Synfig.


Yoyobuae: cool morphing! :mrgreen: