March / April New Splash challenge for Synfig 0.62.01 !!

We have in mind to release a new version of Synfig with the latest improvements, so it is time for a new splash screen!

Rules here: … challenges
Start time accepting entries: March, 1st
End time accepting entries: April, 30th
Voting pool period: 1 to 7th of May

No particular theme or size. It should probably include the words “synfig studio” and maybe include the logo or remind folks of the logo. You may want to search through the IRC/list/wiki/etc archives and find a joke or recurring theme for inspiration. Perhaps try to keep it smallish - around 300x400 like the gimp one.

The chosen splash must be either public domain or licensed under the GPL-2 (with “or later” option). It must also come with full source code - so we can modify & render it if needed. It must all be created in synfig, no dependencies on external images created in other applications, nor special fonts.

We’re targeting the version to be [size=150]0.62.01[/size] in case you want to incorporate that.

Questions, suggestions, etc are welcome. Happy drawing!

EDIT: changed to be 0.62.01.

=D!, i would like to make something about this!

Here is my splash proposal for 0.63 (now with attached source files and as GPL v2 or later and my name in the description): (383 KB)

Nice one mray!
Please you must supply the sifz file to participate and you explicitly include a license in the description of the source file as well as your full name.
We are reconsidering to rename the release version to 0.62.01 so it should be possible to change.

Synfig Splash.sifz (7.01 KB)
My contribution for the Challenge, while some other portraits i made looked fine, i decided to do something that represent what work with Synfig Studio is and as far as i know, it’s the only software that uses Ducks (as such, nor like meaning that no other program does not use nodes or vertexes) was quite tricky make it, maybe i’ll be uploading more soon, BTW, recently on Deviant Art, a group was created for Synfig, i don’t know if an official gruop for Synfig already exist but if not here is one, also visit my gallery if you are on your way to DA ,>XD
Synfig Splash.0001.png

Unfortunately we cannot accept the entry with any attachment. The file must render without any external file because we cannot include the font in the source code.
You have some alternatives:

  1. Use other built in font. Try with: Serif, Verdana, Courier, etc.
  2. Trace the font. You can do it manually or using Inkscape, write the text there, export to path, then to Plain SVG and import it to Synfig using SVG import ability. I did trace the Synfig Studio letters for the current splash.

You still have enough time!
Good luck!

Good entry H13N.H3N!!
This time will be very interesting!! :slight_smile:


I recycled my anterior project and started a new one also relative to Ducks, i got a hard time because i ran out of inspiration and the work is not as good as it could be. i never realized how hard is make splash screens, or how much i suck on it jajaja, but i made another one, the little buttons on the floor are actually Ducks also, but not very noticeable due to the lack of colors
Synfig Splash.sifz (28.2 KB)
Synfig Splash.png

I don’t understand a few things:

You don’t ship any font with synfig - so why is using an open font a problem? (when i use verdana, you can’t render the scene without an external file either: the verdana.ttf)
I also use a bitmap version of the logo - which is an external file, too. is that a problem then?
Isn’t tracing vectors a bit like doing the work outside? (which is against the spirit of doing it all in synfig)
And finally: do you really render the original scene instead of just showing a prerendered image?

All the artwork used in Synfig is either from the GTK libraries or rendered using Synfig itself at compile time. There is a (very small) set of fonts (san serif, serif, Times, Verdana) that work ‘out of the box’ on Linux and Windows. Anything else would require changing the build process to accommodate the fonts used in individual logos. This could get very difficult to maintain and is a situation that we’d like to avoid. Similarly, you’ll need to use the .sif version of the logo in your picture rather than including the binary image, so that we won’t have to patch the build process for each different version of Synfig logo.
Tracing the letters works because Synfig just treats the letters as vector shapes.
Once the logo image is rendered at build time, then yes, it’s binary image is used in the install files.

Hope that helps.


Besides what pixelgeek mentions, use images for the composition implies that the splash depends on that image and its current resolution. Imagine that we want to print a large copy of your splash, the image can become pixelated. Also it is usual to recycle some parts of the splash for artwork for the website. If you use an image as part of it, the partial render could become pixelated and that wouldn’t happen if all the artwork is vectorial.
The spirit of Synfig is precisely its resolution independence so we prefer to not use raster images on the splash.

And regarding to the fonts, that those are the rules.

here is the Synfig Studio text converted to BLine:
Synfig-Studio.sifz (5.45 KB)
Please use it freely.
It needed to modify the blend method of some shapes to produce the holes and to adjust some tangents badly calculated.
Btw, the provided file didn’t work even with the font downloaded. I had to extract the font used and copy it close to the sifz file and add the file extension to the font name parameter.

what file formats are supported?

sif or sifz :slight_smile:

Please read this for the rules:


And it will be [size=200]0.62.01[/size]. Sorry mray.

another one!, this time something simple in gray scale
Synfig Splash.png
Synfig Splash.sifz (14.7 KB)

how did you manage to import the svg?
all my attempts fail badly (tried plain svg with just normal shapes)

I created the text in Inkscape then converted the text to path and save it as plain svg. Imported to synfig studio (maybe I have a newer version than you because I work with the snapshots of the repository and it has some SVG import improvements) and fix some alpha over of some layers (the ones that do the holes) and fix some missed tangents of the some closed shapes.


then there is actually no chance for me to use the font.
maybe you can convert the version number for me, too?
i can straighten out all the alpha issues and so on - i just need to have some usable paths.

Sorry mray but “0.63” uses “titilliumtext15L” which is not provided by your zip file. Which fon’t do you want to use for it?
Similar happens with the frames texts. They look fine with the default font to me (Sans Serif), which is the one that is being used when the font parameter is not found.