March / April New Splash challenge for Synfig 0.62.01 !!


The logo is provided with the synfig-studio/images/logo.sif from the source code: … 8a22b933f9

The best way to be sure that the logo is always present and correctly rendered (as I did with my entry in the 0.62.00 version) is by copying the layer of the logo from the original file and paste them into your composition to be sure it is shipped with it.



Really!? i installed it all from my repositories, the only track i knew about the logo of Synfig was inside my computer under /usr/share/pixmaps/synfigstudio, and the logo is a png, maybe having the file available from the gallery of the site would make things easier to find, anyway i saw it as a pretty good exercise and also gave me more ideas for a last splash screen.


OK so here is my new file with no dependencies at all :slight_smile:

thanks for the link to the logo - i couldn’t find it either.
maybe you want to link to it from the splash guidelines?
synfig-slpash.sifz (14.8 KB)


we are allowed to import from Inkscape?


You can create your artwork with the software you like. It must be your own artwork for course and the splash screen png image must be possible to be generated with Synfig only without any external file.
Please check the rules here:


Not even April and I’m getting my entry in! All done in Ubuntu. Going for that Spring feeling. … 06201.sifz



Great entry pixelgeek!!!


It seems as if it was done in relief. Very good.


Nice entries already!
Here is mine :
06201Satrip.sif (2.05 MB)


Wow Animtim! it has action!. Should I read something on the clouds?.. are they deformed letters?
LOL, it is 0.62.01!!! hahahah nice!


Comme d’habitude.
A great drawing, as all yours.


I have not much time for a complex one. Here is mine anyway:
spash_0.62.01.sifz (4.94 KB)


Here is my proposal for the challenge
I do not know how to add the copyright and GPL license in description… And may be the file is too big ?
mad0_splash.sifz (51.4 KB)


That’s got a nice springtime feel to it. Good work.



The copyright can be included in the file description (Caret Menu>Edit>Properties and then Name and Description). You can open mine and take it as example.
When I first saw your entry I thought: “Oh dear, another guy who didn’t read the rules… he is using external image files for the background!”. My worry vanished when I opened the file :mrgreen:
Image size is fine.
Excellent work. Whether it wins or not, It deserves a place in the gallery :wink:


Thank you very much Genete, Matt :smiley:
Here is the file with copyright and license.
I fixed some mistakes (0.62.01 instead of 00.62.01, two identical leaves, blur on a branch)
Genete, I drew with bitmap pictures as models, but I have them removed when I finished :wink:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
mad0_splash.sifz (51.2 KB)


Here is my entry. It’s not so good as yours but it’s that I can do. Anyway, I hope you like it.

plane.sifz (23.3 KB)


nice plane :smiley:
Please try to download it in other folder at your computer and try to open it. It calls a flag.sifz file which obviously is not present.


@Genete: It’s done. Try now.
@mad0: Great work. Bravo! :open_mouth:


Thank you Rafael :smiley:
My daughter told me that the big red numbers were bad. Here is another version with the numbers smaller, and gray. I think she’s right, it’s better :mrgreen:
Thank you Genete for explanations on the links in another post, it saved me to copy the color, as I did before :blush: And thanks for the “Synfig studio” file !
mad0_splash_2.sifz (51.3 KB)