Lottie export for the web doesn't work with Advanced Outline

As @saurabh22 said that it had been implemented for the Advanced Outline layer at

I tried to export my animation for the web, but the advanced outline didn’t show ! Is something wrong ?

My animation

Try this one. It may help.https://forums.synfig.org/t/my-import-export-plugin-svg-telegram-sticker-lottie-dotlottie/10929?u=kai

I tried it, that doesn’t work. It only adds option to export Telegram Sticker.

If I recall correctly, a new menu item appears in File menu: Export.

Export option doesn’t appear in File menu.
Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)
Synfig version: 1.4.1

Ops, sorry, only on (not-yet-released) development version.

Hi, this was the expected schedule for development. Export of Advanced outline layer is not implemented yet.