Linux Binaries for 0.64.0 (candidate #2)

Many bugs has been fixed since the first binaries I provided the other day. Still remaining some bugs:


  • Shadow layer is crasher.
  • Packages crashes in earlier distributions than Ubuntu 12.10.
  • Crash when closing file and Parameter Panel tree widget is open
  • Icon for “Select all Chidlren” not visible when requested over a Group layer from a Set.
  • About dialog badly formed for packaged version.
  • Motion Blur not implemented
  • ListImporter not implemented
  • Warp layer not implemented
  • Gradients with transparency renders differently in Cairo
  • Noise distort render badly in tile mode in Cairo.

For a detail of all the bugs and enhancements marked as priority for this release please see here: … porder=asc

Possibly Sure there are more bugs. The idea is to kill as much as possible the more nasty and crashing bugs possible and leave the more soft for a revision release.

And here are the packages:
i386 … 8.i386.rpm … 8_i386.deb … 86.tar.bz2

x86_64 … x86_64.rpm … _amd64.deb … 64.tar.bz2


Fichier :synfigstudio_0.63.05-20130420.master.8_amd64.deb
Not accessible / dead link (all other can be downloaded but did check validity)


Link works here.

Just a heads up: “Feather” option doesn’t seem to work on Bline Regions. :confused:

Also, I know you guys now call Bline as “Spline”, but when you create now Splines it still says “New Bline” in the layers list.

Once you double check it, can you tell me your Linux version?

Respect to translation, did you remove the old version or install over?


In order to download … _amd64.deb, i have used “right click” / “save link as” (cause direct click redirect me on ftp[…]synfigstudio_0.63.05-20130420.master.8_amd64.deb/ and even accessing directly the directory)

Now (after i have downloaded right clicking), it’s working normaly … very rare …


Revision: 20130420

Seems to work for me, what’s the trouble ? (tested with unique Region Spline / Cairo ON and OFF on the workarea)

Is’t correct for me, i have good labels : “NewSpline027 Region” (tested from french (system langu), and english (export LANG=C))

Note : I have installed directly without uninstall previous package who was rc1

With cairo enabled I get immediate crash when opening any file with he following error:

synfigstudio: symbol lookup error: /opt/synfig/lib/ undefined symbol: cairo_surface_create_similar_image

I can open synfig with a blank canvas but as soon as I open any file - crash.

Are there any testfiles somewhere known to work?

I’m sorry but I don’t know how to fix that. If your distribution doesn’t have Cairo >= 1.12 it will crash.
It shouldn’t let you install in that case but the package script needs corrections.


Ah, I’m using Bodhi linux which is based on Ubuntu LTS, 12.04 then…

I’m sorry, it’s my responsibility to fix that. I am a little bit sick at the moment, recovering from my trip. Will fix that as soon as I get on my foots. ^___^ Cheers!

Ubuntu 12.10

Removed the old, installed freshly.

Strangely, if I go to “Setup” option and check “Use Cairo renderer on Navigation” option, then opening any file crashes for me too… And I’m running Ubuntu 12.10…

Any file??? Really??
Any message from the terminal?
I would like to have one of those files to make tests.
Also, I’ll test the binaries on a fresh Ubuntu 12.10 installation to see what happen.

Okay, I just tested. Not just “any” file (because it doesn’t seem to crash on “new” files I create), but those I’ve been working on before, such as my Polar Detective work files…

Here’s the log (including creating a new file at the very first attempt):

[code]cyan@cyan-desktop:~$ synfigstudio

synfig studio – starting up application…

synfig(3625) [06:15:43 IST] info: Loading modules from /opt/synfig/etc/synfig_modules.cfg
synfig(3625) [06:15:43 IST] info: Loading plugins from /opt/synfig/share/synfig/plugins
synfig(3625) [06:15:43 IST] info: Loading plugin: add-skeleton-simple
synfig(3625) [06:15:43 IST] info: Loading plugin: view-unhide-all-layers
synfig(3625) [06:15:43 IST] info: Loading plugins from /home/cyan/.synfig/plugins

(synfigstudio:3625): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: Object class gtkmm__CustomObject_N6studio15ValueBase_EntryE doesn’t implement property ‘editing-canceled’ from interface ‘GtkCellEditable’
synfig(3625) [06:16:34 IST] error: KeyframeActionManager::refresh(): Not ready!
synfig(3625) [06:16:34 IST] error: KeyframeActionManager::refresh(): Not ready!
synfig(3625) [06:16:34 IST] error: 6 ducks not yet deleted!
synfig(3625) [06:16:34 IST] info: closed
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I’ve confirmed crashes for many old files in Kubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu 12.10 and Mint 14 (equivalent to 12.10).
Continue testing…

Ok, one clue at last.
OVERLAY method seems to crash immediately. Possibly an illegal instruction. I’ll review the code for OVERLAY method.
It is likely that other methods could trigger that crash so please be patient.

The following blend methods crashes immediately in Linux package mode (tested 64 bits please help with 32 bits):

I’m digging them :confused:

Whoop! Crashed again (even with Cairo OFF). Zooming in-and-out quickly, with Alpha, Multiply, Opacity, etc. in the same layer. :confused:

I’ve made some tests on my Linux Mint virtual machine. After clone the repository and create a build environment, I’ve found:

  1. In debug mode and not optimized the crashes doesn’t happen.
  2. In debug mode with optimization enabled (–enable-optimization=2) the crashes doesn’t happen.
  3. In non debug mode with optimization enabled (–enable-optimization=2) crashes happens.

So the situation is not easy.

I would test the following combinations later:
4) No debug but optimized.
5) Same 2) 3) and 4) but in OSX. If the behavior is similar I would continue working with OSX. If in OSX the behavior is not crash then I would continue digging in Linux.

I’ll dig if there is any configuration option to trigger problematic code that might deliver crashes when optimized or when not in debug mode. If anyone has an idea on that I’m all ears.

I have (try to) a quite updated debug (and all optimization you want/need/ask for) running in strait x12.04 (blablabla…) who can do parallel test.

Humm… i feel something like mutex / shared ressources / thread around , problem … in debug they are quite quiet … is’nt ?