Linux Binaries for 0.64.0 (candidate #2)


Trying to stress synfig by low/high res - quality up/down - zoom in/out - cairo on/off , seems to be stable (debugmode!)

I have noted a rare render between q6 and q7 on voria logo that appear if cairo is ON:

Development version:
Revision: 20130423
Branch: master
Revision ID: c494af

Built on Apr 23 2013

Built with:
ETL 0.04.15
Synfig API (006000)
Synfig library 47
GTK+ 2.24.10
GNU G++ 4.6.3

Synfig 0.63.05
GTK+ 2.24.10



This is a known and intentional behavior. When the quality is >6 then it uses the strokes directly from Cairo API that doesn’t have variable width and cannot make a outline open based on its widths. It uses the average width of all spline points. I made it in the hope that it renders faster. :slight_smile:
Can be altered in any moment to higher quality (<6). Maybe a future user option.