LGM 2012 (and 2013!)



I have done a little wet sunday intro for LGM13&Synfig … hop you like… and feel free to destroy / remixe it.
Synfig LGM-288px.gif
SynfigLGM13.zip (199 KB)
Nota : the duck is one of Jcome’s vectorised by inkscape! and incorporated as svg, lgm logo come from 2010 svg source + little blur on the blue squares.


That’s coolio!!!
I would peace a little the timing but the animation is great!
I want to carry it to LGM!!


my pleasure …

Humm … maybe this simple animation support haramai sifplayer and opposite can also be true… ?
If so and sifz other things, this could be in the website to inform about Lgm13 Animation/svg like rendez vous.
something like :
Wednesday April 10th
14:30 (workshop) Character animation in Synfig - Konstantin Dmitriev

Friday April 12th
12:40 It’s 2013. Do You KNow Where My Free Vector Animation Software Is? - Nina Paley
14:30 (meeting/BOF) Synfig Studio development priorities - Carlos López González
18:40 New Laidout Tools - Tom Lechner
19:10 Tupi: Open 2D Magic (to rule them all!) - Gustav Gonzalez

Saturday April 13th
11:10 Inkscape Update - Tavmjong Bah
12:20 Localized Animation with Blender - Jakub Steiner


lists.freedesktop.org/archives/l … 00241.html
lists.freedesktop.org/archives/c … 04548.html



Nice animation.
About sifPlayer: Right now sifPlayer does not support the raster side of synfig.
SifPlayer renders everything again every frame.
About sifPlayer and your animation :
warp layer is not implemented. I believe that wrap layer is in the raster side.
shade layer is not implemented. Raster again?
blur layer same as above.

rectangle layer I just haven’t implemented it.

Also this will render slow cause you have too many splines.

Can you test the new version with the old one. Your html skills are better than mine. I just know how to prepare an html5 canvas and then use javascript to load the file and render it on the canvas.

But if we present sifPlayer as a proof of concept project then we may attract people with proper knowledge in the field. Cause as I said too many times I am not a programmer. I just found a way to draw the sif file in the html5 canvas and I took action to do it cause I was too impatient to wait.
You can see from the way I do the commits in github what a bad programmer I am.

Synfig can be fully implemented in html5 canvas. And it must be done by a professional programmer of the field!

Also with sifPlayer even in the current state. You can bypass the problem of the screen/window resolution. Cause it just transforms the matrix of the html5 canvas context to much the sif’s files first canvas.

The raster side of synfig and the xml file type positions Synfig at the number one choice of the open source programs for the html5 canvas. Maybe even for editing the ‘pages’ or ‘apps’ with support of a meta data for a layer.

An option like that may change synfig for ever.


->> http://www.synfig.org/cms/en/news/synfig-related-events-in-april/


To be shown at LGM (eventually!)
(large animated gif 18MB)



Nice …!

As an entry for programalaplaza.medialab-prado.es/ :wink: ? (down at this moment!)


More probably at screens around the conference rooms.


a sign from Madrid … nos vemos acqui !



My LGM report: morevnaproject.org/2013/05/08/lg … rthoughts/