LGM 2012 (and 2013!)


Thank you, OHo! ^___^


Djay, thank you for your support too!

Here I made a video about my workshop for LGM: youtube.com/watch?v=d9d9a0zX5tg


Awesome! :open_mouth:


Awesome! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


not too bad! 8)

Edit 16/02 I really like the idea of adding extra functionality by creating kind of Tools Layers. I discovered that with Particles , but with this example it’s another multiverse !
Question : Can we envisage to make that more generic ? For example, creating a package of “Tools Layers” ( Sprite Switcher / Bounce Tool / Wind Tool / Gravity Tool … ) containing “Tools Layers Controls” (like in particules tuto and the the video you post) ready for connection …with the animation’s parameters the user want to create.

… sure will be a great demo !End edit 16/02



Yes, I had the same idea in mind. To have a template available as sif file, which can be imported like any other file. But some exported controls could be available as additional parameters of that imported file. Just a messy thoughts, can be discussed later…


[size=50]editbetween 15/21 of april[/size] for example :wink:


15/21? IIRC LGM will be from 10 tp 13 of April… :unamused:


yep what i said, from 8 to 14… 15th week :sunglasses:’’’



Could both Carlos’s presentation and Konstantin’s workshop be recorded on video? I’m asking because I’m not sure the organizers will records everything (in the 2012 videos page it says “The videos of some of the talks are now on youtube”). The recordings would be great material for James the UX guy.


I won’t do a “presentation”. I’ll organize a “Birth of Feather” that would be difficult to record. Anyway I’ll bring a video and photo camera.


Hi! The program page promises that “all talks will be archived and streamed”. I’m not sure about the workshops and BoF, though… Need to ask organizers.


Wear one of those sunglasses-cameras :wink:


I have contacted the LGM organizers and they replied that there are no plans to officially stream/record workshops and BOFs.
I have no influence to change the situation, but you can write to organizers directly (see contacts here – http://libregraphicsmeeting.org/2013/helping-out/). You’re not the only one who asking the workshops to be recorded, so a few such requests from different people might convince them to think about that. :slight_smile:


I come to Madrid with my friend and she often wear a camera/camrecorder (and also sunglasses but is other subject), maybe she will be glad to record Synfig’s stuff. More infos in few days.

  • if you contact organizers, please ask also for free churros :slight_smile:



Great! From my side, I will try to record everything happening on the screen during the workshop. So maybe we will be able to combine two videostreams later. :slight_smile:


ms-studio.net/publications/desig … otes-book/

I’ve just ordered mine! \o/


without maybe :wink:


Will you be talking to the guys from Inkscape at LGM about improving cross comaptibility with Synfig and Inkscape?Aka Sif to SVG and SVG to Sif convertors? I think that will be very important I find inkscape much easier for vectroring but would like sif files to be able to be converted to SVGs.


Unless i mess something, you can found the most actual answer to this in the thread you start 3month ago…
Why synfig doesn’t use SVG format? and spécialy here Why synfig doesn’t use SVG format?