LGM 2012 (and 2013!)

Hi folks!
LGM 2012 has finished and this is the first time that people from the Synfig community has attended.
It would be awesome to hear from you guys (Animtim, Zelgadis & Eldruin) about the experience, the audience obtained for Synfig and the development of your acts.

I’m eager to watch the videos & photos and read your comments here guys!

This excitation form my side is also justified by the recent news that next LGM will be held in Spain (Madrid 2013), my native country!

See details here:
lists.freedesktop.org/archives/c … 04349.html

Oh well, I’m so excited! :smiley:


Hi Genete!
I’ve not completly recovered from this crazy week, but I’ve already made a global report on my blog HERE.
Indeed we talked about this with Zelgadis when we heard the first bits of discussion for having next year LGM in Madrid, then you’ll have no excuse to not come :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

About our Synfig talks, looks like everyone attending enjoyed discovering Synfig power… (and the audience room was quite filled, at least a good proportion for a last-day morning…!) see the synfig website got saturated in a way during the first or second talk, I don’t remember exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

Also it was a great opportunity to discuss all 3 how to get together to improve synfig…
I came up with Zelgadis that the terminology used inside synfig should be improved, to make things more clear (discussion to come on dev mailing list)
Also he did show me in direct the power of the stickman template as I never tried it and didn’t know all the power-inside… And I did show him my workflow, hopping it’ll be useful to improve his one.
We discussed some way I’ll can probably help morevna project in future steps…

Really constructive, I’m so happy :slight_smile:

PS: as mentionned in the blog post, most talks have not been recorded, but hopefuly saturday morning we had a camera filming in the audience, so the synfig-related talks should be online some day soon :smiley: )

It was a great experience attending the LGM last week. I’m very happy for having met all the people I have met and specially for having met Zelgadis and Animtim in person.

About the talks, there were a lot that were very interesting. Specially the ones from Gimp about the GEGL, GLyphy, etc and of course the ones from Anitim and Zelgadis.
I liked a lot the power of remake and how it’s able to automate the rendering so effectively, and the workshop of Animtim about comic-style drawing in Krita that finished with an impressive Captain Libre Graphics drawed live.

I liked a lot the LGM and I think we were able to show our presence in the Libre Graphics world effectively.
I can’t wait for next year in Madrid! You MUST come genete!!

Hey, LGM was awesome! Lots of cool people, lots of ideas, lots of inspiration!
We have come with some interesting plans and perspectives!
Eldruin, maybe it’s worth to post photo of all us three together?
Carlos, we were missing you every day!
Animtim, I’ll wait for your first shot in the mailing list! ^___^


I’m planning to got to this year Libre graphics meeting in Madrid and I would like meet people from the synfig community. Is there anybody else going?


I’ll be there.

If I will manage to get a travel funding, then I’ll be there too.

I sent you some suggestions for your campaign never got a reply.

Mmm… you got the reply about the workshops in Novosibirsk/Moscow. About the Skype and the rest - I took that into account. Sorry, I don’t always have a time to reply each mail I get. :slight_smile:

So why are you not using a video for your campaign like this. Also will there be perks?

Well… how to answer your question lightly?.. ^^ because last 2 weeks I was sleeping just 3-4 hours per day, developing the new technology for character animation in Synfig. We made 4 minutes of animation with 17 characters from scratch in 20 days. “We” means me and my coleague worked for full time and 3 on-demand contributors. Well… What can I say after that? I LOVE Synfig! “With fewer people and resources”! Yay! ^_^

You should probably take a break for a day and use it to improve the campaign. By the way you could use that animaton to make a video for your campaign.You should get 8 hours of sleep it will help you work better.

Thank you for care. ^^ I can’t use that animation because I have no permission to publish it. Don’t worry I will get the campaign improved soon. ^^

yep…i’ll try to stay the full week in Madrid (7/4 - 14-4), helping around Synfig invasion … spreading stickers ? :wink:
Or anything else that can be useful for the project (even for a coding sprint)


Hi, does someone plan to do a presentation?
The c4p is out: libregraphicsmeeting.org/2013/ca … entations/
Deadline is in 9 days… Feb. 15th!

I plan to do a BOF about development priorities and (if he wants) be Konstantin’s backup for his character animation workshop.

And what about the idea to make a, great as synfig can, new “Synfig Demo Reel” for LGM13 ?

Based on past demo reels there is not time to do that. Also there is a recent one made by Rafael. And believe me, it is a nightmare to handle all the scattered formats, copyrights and so.

Better support Zelgadis to achieve his campaign to attend LGM, isn’t it?


Done. OHo.