Konstantin's weekly report #20

Hello, everyone! My 20th weekly report is here.

Last week we were preparing the development snapshots with the latest bones features (demonstrated in this video, if you remember).

And… here they are! You can download and try all the new features by yourself - http://www.synfig.org/cms/en/download/development/

A BIG WARNING: Those builds are absolutely for testing purposes only. It’s quite possible your files saved using this version might get broken and won’t open in earlier/future versions. Don’t use in production. If you want to install previous snapshots, please get them here - sourceforge.net/projects/synfig … snapshots/

In addition to this Ivan have made changes to the bones behavior - now bone tip allows to change the bone length and angle at the same time (previously bone tip was responsible for changing scale only). Also, he have finished fixing group transformation for software renderer (previously groups were rendered correctly in cairo mode only). There are still some bugs remaining, though.

Here’s how our approximate bone roadmap looks at the moment:

Final thing to mention: we have made our Synfig Training Package available for download via “pay-what-you-want”. Check out it here - synfig.org/cms/en/news/synfi … -you-want/

That’s all for today, see you next week!

Hello. How do I get to the skeleton layer? I don’t see them in the list of layers even after I enable experimental features, and restart the computer and synfig. I’m using windows 7 64-bit.

Also, with the group layer, I’m a little confused with the origin transformation feature. When i click and try to change the numbers in the parameters, I get “unknown datatype” and can’t type anything in.

Sorry, I haven’t animated in a while, (because of these drawings…ugghh!!!) and I’m rusty and behind on the features.

Windows XP 32 bits:

  • Synfig logo not shown at splash, window icons or about dialog
  • Opening logo.sifz produces several error messages
  • Can’t animate Group Transformation handles (std::exception) if it is not previously manually converted to Composite.
  • How do I change the length of a bone without modify the angle? (using handles)
  • Many icons are missed or ruined:
    and more other icons are missing.
  • Simple skeleton plugin crashes.


Debian 7 / 32b

  • Synfig logo not shown at splash, nor about dialog
  • Very slower than 0.64.1 (in fact it’s slower since single window appear) / core at 100% very often : resizing the panels altering canvas (with empty canvas) / impossible playback of very simple animation / few seconds to select a layer / few seconds for first click by layer in parameter panel (then it’s normaly fluid) /
  • Same problem with icons.
  • Segmentation fault after using group rotate handle

Due to the very slow response of the interface i can’t really play and test … sorry

Except the crash for stickman, same issues on OSX 10.8.5 64b.
No performance issues here.

I can’t test this version as I need to stick to the 20131209 build.

The latest build does no longer shows my files correctly - if you animated the Group Origin or Scale in the 20130109 build then these changes are rejected by the latest version and the animation does not appear correctly.

This one is curious. The layers that are rendered using pixel values (those what use get_color() for a position to render the canvas) aren’t rendered in certain nested group. Also they make invisible all the layers at the same group level and below.

See attached file to understand it. Simple circle is a “rasterized” layer. Try to disable/enable the layers called 1, 2 or 3 and you’ll see what I mean.

PS: it only happens with Software render, not Cairo render.
raster-no-visible.sifz (1.27 KB)

  • Ubuntu 10.4.4 / no performance issues, it’s delicious to see how it normaly run compare under debian 7 / kernel 3.2 .
    (some third party lib involved maybe?)

  • When detaching canvas out of main window, the “attach&place” widget stay on main interface

  • When resizing from vertical right panels, this adjust the toolbox panel, when i expect the canevas panel be resized. To reproduce : reduce the most right panel (to the left) and enlarge it (to the right). ([EDIT131219])

maybe we should start to fill the buggennie …?

Yes, I noticed as well.

Speaking of attach and place, is the the panels you have attached to another?

Sorry i don’t understand.

  • Seems that Software Render is slower than 0.64.x in rendering text layers.

I hate when that happens. I Deleted too many words while editing. I was trying to ask is there a way for Synfig to save where you put ur panels. Everytime you reopen, it resets to its default panel placements.

Something is going wrong there. It remembers the panels layout.

I think there is a bug with the 64-bit versions of 0.64.1 and 0.65. Anytime I try to make change to any of the settings, and restart synfig, it doesn’t save. the 32 bit version works okay though.

Thank you everyone for feedback. The issues are acknowledged and we are working on fixing them.

Please select “Layer -> New Layer -> Other -> Skeleton” from the menu.

The origin feature is still “under construction”. At the moment, the easiest way to change the origin is:

  • Select the group layer
  • Turn off “Enable transformation” checkbox in the Parameters panel
  • Move the transformation widget on the canvas
  • When you get it at desired place, turn on “Enable transformation” checkbox in the Parameters panel again

My experience in character animation tells me that animator don’t need this.

Consider, that the group transformation is coded without ANY optimizations at the moment.

I like how “Ctrl+drag” work for Inkscape handles. On synfig such a feature would be useful for the various handles types where angle is important (ie. bones, tangent, transform, etc).

BTW, I didn’t like much the original bones handles. They felt a bit too hackish (sorry, Genete). Having two handles, one for scale and one for angle, it just doesn’t feel right.

Any chance we could use a tangent type handle for bones? Something like how the “focus point” and “origin” handles work in group layers.

I can make a special build for you, which will have minimum dependencies on system libraries. So you can test it on Debian and Ubuntu and see if that would make any difference. BTW, when you referring to Debian vs Ubuntu perfomance, do you test it on the same hardware configuration? I mean, does configurations are comparable in terms of count of cores/memory amount?

This is exactly how we made it now - you can modify the tip of the bone in the same way as you modify tangents. This was the change, which triggered a question from Genete ^__^.

I have builded early single window and 0.65dev on debian 7, and everytime they come with performance issues.
Maybe i can try to build has you suggest (how exactly ? building my own third party libs and hard linking them ?), and little by little re-add system dependencies… but, maybe that come from gtk3 migration ? what are news (or new version) libs yvan/single window migration has introduced ?

It’s really different hardware configuration, and the one with debian should be way faster looking at hardware comparaison (dual core vs single , at least twice ram…).

I have quickly tested last 0.65dev (from report 21) on Ubuntu 12.04 MacBook … and it’s fast has expected.

I will make a package for you, so you will be able to test. Just ping me in one week if I will forget. :slight_smile: