Konstantin's weekly report #20

Please try to go into “C:\Users<your username>\Synfig” and delete all files starting with “settings” string. Then try 64bit version again. Let me know if that change anything. :slight_smile:

Time to ping :slight_smile:

Thanks! I hope to make build finished this week. Please ping me again if I will get distracted. :slight_smile:

Hi, Djay!

Sorry for delay, but finally I have managed to make a rough testing build for you.
Here it is - dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/155 … le.tar.bz2
It contains all libraries bundled (including gtk). Please test it and let me know if you experience speed issues on Demian.

hello, thank’s for taking time.

but … i can’t use it, i’m running a 32bits system !
the synfigstudio binary you gave me is 64bits… sorry to didn’t tell you that before!

Good news … i have just successfully built gtk3 branch on commit 2bfa790572 authored on Jul 17 , and that come without performance issues !!! : now, resizing any windows is instantaneous !

Great! I’m happy to hear that. :slight_smile: