[Known Issue - 1.2.2] Text tool causes Synfig to crash

Hi! Please help me.
The text tool causes a crash every time I use it. The crash happens every time after entering my text and clicking the OK button. Therefore, I have to export them to images in other software to work for the project.

Synfig 1.2.2 (32 bit)
Windows 10

Synfig 1.2.2 is quite an old version (although the current “stable” one) and many bugs have been fixed since then.
Some are already well known.
Please consider checking Synfig’s GitHub Issues before report (or use a more recent version :wink: )

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Again same problem. Using Synfig Development v1.3.13. :frowning_face:

Could you screencast it?
I can’t reproduce it as stated.

By the way, did you see version 1.3.14 was release? :slight_smile:

After clicking ok (after entering text) it says not responding. Just give the message that “Synfig has stopped working unexpectedly”

Otherwise, I would try 1.3.14 version

No changes were made on 1.3.14 on that way - but some other crashes.

By the way, it’s not crashing your problem (the program suddenly closes by itself), but freezing, I guess.

Do you specify a particular font? I know it sounds ridiculous but can you try to let it open for a couple of minutes before forcing it to close? I’ll ask a friend to try it on Windows.

No font is specified. I just use text tool and it freezes and stops working. I will try new version

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Are you using portable or installer version?
He couldn’t reproduce in portable version (1.3.14). :frowning:

The Github Issue I added in my post suggests having to wait for a kind of initialization (scan of fonts available on the system?) and after this it works (thanks @Fadhilkwan).
If it really crash and not just freeze, try starting Synfig as admin and try the Text Tool in a fresh new animation.
If it is a matter of rights, it should be able to give the access.
Then restart Synfig like ordinary (without as admin) and try again.

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Actually it freezes for sometime and it closes automatically.

So I used portable version 1.3.14 software. Same problem persists but application automatically closes by itself (even if text tool is not used). :expressionless: :roll_eyes: