Just a head's up to any potential newcomers

If your name looks like it’s computer generated (e.g. edwardtuner10 or jose055) and you haven’t posted anything to the forum in a few days since you joined (or such posts were cut & pasted from wikipedia), I’m planning on culling them as a potential spamming reduction action. (Yes, nflsalesbar3, I’m looking at you!)

Have a nice day!


yeah >=C! down with the spam, encourage new users to use original nicknames is also a good idea, no spam in the world has the creativity for generate good nicknames

I’m liking this page - two ‘friends’ showing up :slight_smile:

bye bye!

there is a special place in hell reserved for spammer - i i just hope i get to design that space

Thinking on this problem, would be excessive to ask new users to make a post (possiby to the Introduction forum) to don’t be pruned regurlarly? There is an option to prune inactive users and also to send a reminder to inactive users who hasn’t posted never. If they don’t reply, just prune the account.
Inactivity is a normal reason for pruning so if the legal user really need to ask in the forum only need to register again and inmediately post it. We allow to reuse emails for registrations so it won’t be a problem for anyone.

We can place those rules in the board’s rule so anyone who register can see it.

what do you think?


Thumbs up from me.

Sounds like a plan - and not something the automated spammers will be expecting.

antything that’s incoveniences spammers has to be a good thing :slight_smile:

i don’t know, is the captcha better to prevent spam? that could prevent some spambots from registering to the forum

Captcha is already active for register.

“there is a special place in hell reserved for spammer - i just hope i get to design that space”

Heh, now I won’t get any real work done today - I’ll be fantasizing my own hell designs for them.

That might make a great theme for a competition. Winning design to be actually built .

I’d like to volunteer to be a spam pruner. I stop by this forum pretty much every morning while I have my coffee. It would be a simple thing to delete some of these spam posts that seem to pop up overnight like mushrooms.

Just let me know…


Hi muhkayoh,
thanks for head up. Permits are granted.

Thanks, Genete. I just went in this morning and pruned about 40 users (about 30 of which had signed up just yesterday alone) whose email addresses all showed up on known spammer lists. I also took the extra step of banning those email addresses, with notation as to the reason. Erring on the side of caution, I made sure not to ban or delete anything that I couldn’t confirm was already on a list, so there are several suspicious users that I left alone. Do you and the other admins feel that this an acceptable way to handle it? I don’t want to overstep any bounds, but in my experience, if it looks like a spammer and it shows up on spambot lists, it’s a spammer. Let me know if I’m following the right procedure.


Well, ban the spammer before it has given signals of spam is always good but can turn into a nightmare because it is a very time consuming task to be done manually.
There are pluggings that prevent to register or ban the registered when appears in the black lists but that must be installed once we can upgrade the board. This board has to be configured manually and automatic update doesn’t work (luckly I didn’t complete an automate update some weeks ago :blush:).
Our fellow member Zelgadis that is working hard on the new website would update the forum and install those pluggins when finish the update (I hope).

Meanwhile what I do is ban users when they posts spam. My procedure is:

  1. verify that the post is spam (obviously but sometimes the post title is not a reason enogh)
  2. verify the ip at stopforumspam.org black list. If exists ban by the IP.
  3. if IP is not listed ban by email.
  4. obviously delete posts and disable account.

Sometimes there are suspicious posts that doesn’t hurt (the content is formally right) but something special tells me that it looks like spam (the content, username, email or similar) then I check on stopforumspam and boom! another spammer.

I want to know that I thank you very much all your contibutions to kill spammers. It looks like the timezone you are located is liked more by the spammers than mine. I usually kill between 4 and 8 by day and I try to regularly look to the forum during the european day time. But your registers in the Admin logs are impressive! :wink:

In any case we need more people that want to contribute to the Synfig Project support.

Current continuous collaborators are Zelgadis with infrastructure and myself with code. Nikitakit works with code from time to time too. It is obviously not enough to satisfy all the needs of the project… :frowning:

But hey! I’m working on a new shiny impressive feature!! :slight_smile:

I gotta thumbs up the post an intro, but there’s gotta be other ways to block the spammer from registering i’ve seen at least 15 spams and reported them, because their content suggested in all ways to be a spam.
And when i see it i try to report it so it can be removed, of course there’s always 2 or 3 more when i log on again several hours later

Hi milleja46,

I check in pretty much every morning (central time zone, USA), and try to prune the obvious spammers if one of the other admins hasn’t beaten me to it. As Genete says above, it would be best to automate the process, but plugins are hard to integrate and maintain in phpbb (as opposed to, say, WordPress, where plugin management is a piece of cake).

You’re certainly welcome to report spam, but as long as I’m active on the forum (and I’ve been around for a while now), you really don’t have to waste your time doing so: I’ll find 'em. :smiley:


Ehh, i know but i feel like i should report it too, it just kind of gets annoying. And ps i know how hard plugins are in phpbb, i have a forum of my own, on my site and those plugins are a pain in the butt…it just makes me wonder if maybe it’s just a bug in the version of phpbb that makes it happen with the spammers. Eh oh well maybe in due time it’ll get fixed

Actually i just discovered something through a setting i had set on my forums. If you set a newly registered user permission on a specific subforum or part of the forums it makes it to where they have to get the topic approved for them to post it. But my thinking is if you set that, along with a notification to be sent to admins and mods then you would know of the spammers and be able to tackle them before they obstruct from the main goal of the forums on this site any further…

Hi, I’d like to volunteer to be a spam pruner too.