Just a head's up to any potential newcomers

Hi jcome,
you have now superpower :wink:. Please be careful.
If you have any doubt please email me.

Seems only the global moderators of the forum can delete spam post, and I am not one of them still :slight_smile:

You’re Admin. To kill spam don’t directly delete the post. Do this:

  1. Click on the user’s name and enter the User’s profile page.
  2. On the left click on Administrate User (enter password again if asked)
  3. At administrator page, select at the bottom “Delete User” section and be sure to have “Delete User’s posts” checked. Click submit and you’re done.

Hi all, nice to meet you, we are a group of friends who created a manga magazine in our country and we are trying to make an anime now, thats why we wanted to test your animation software, but we don’t see the system requirements for PC, could anyone be so kind to tell us what hardware we need for the program to run correctly? thank you.

There is not special requirements. The faster CPU, the better, the more memory the better. Use linux or Mac for better performance. Windows has stability issues that leads to slow performance.

HEY PIXELGEEK - New guy here & I’m having a problem finding a 32bit version of Synfig for Mac OSX 10.6.8.
Sorry, I couldn’t find any specific requirements list in the manual or docs…
Would you be kind enough to point me in the right direction with a version number & or any dependencies?
thanks in advance - look forward to giving this sftwre a shot :wink: