Italian translations


I’ve tested the italian translations and there is a thing that I unuderstand.

Some menu voices are in english, some others in italian.

Why this?
This in KUbuntu 9.10 under Sun Virtualbox [under XP].

How can I correct this?
Under win no translations are available (!?)

Another thing…
Why the About dialog is so different under win and lin?
Under lin the about window is too long to be displayed using the entire virtual box on a laptop…


thanks for reporting those issues:

  1. We are aware of the windows lack of translation.
  2. In linux there are some menu entries that doens’t depend on Synfig tranlstion because it uses the native language you’re running the application. If you don’t have Italian configured correctly in your virtual box you will end with the English translation for the GTK standard menu entries and dialogues.
  3. The linux about is not the same as the windows one because the script that produces the binary is not creating a full release about dialogue. We must fix it.


Thanx Genete,

ok for 1 and 3.

Can you suggest me where I should change settings in order to solve the problem?
GTK? Where?
VirtualBox? ?

Another issue;
Same days ago I’ve started translating wiki in italian language, but from the “Work Items Project Restructuring” seemed to me to understand that the wiki is under renovation and pages can be changed at any time.

There is already something that can be translated, and without undergoing major changes?
For now I only translated the main page.

Thanx again

In Ubuntu go to Preferences and add your own language. It should download and install the language pack. Then set it as default language.

I’m not absolutely sure but it seems that the Diving in section is more or less stable. Anyway I would only translate the Main page until Oho and/or Zelgadis confirms it.

For (3), we get the long about boxes for git compiles in Windows too. I think the idea was to have the short version for the official release, the longer version for the engineering builds.


Hi all,

I would like proceed with Italian translations but I can’t for this error :

You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reasons:

* The action you have requested is limited to users in the group: Users.
* You must confirm your e-mail address before editing pages. Please set and validate your e-mail address through your user preferences.

Why this?


Hi BottyE,
this is to prevent spamming. Please go to your profile and validate your email.


translating wiki I’ve found the word “caret” for the Canvas Menù.

Is it possible to paste in the english version (and so maybe in the other versions) the ASCII sympol “►” :question:

It is quite similar to the real caret symbol and clear to understand.

Here the refernces: (the page contain the symbol)

Let me know.

PS.:How can I view the sympol for the code ► in the forum :question:

I would prefer to link the translation to this image:
So the user that want to know that does mean “Caret button” will see a real visualization of it.


Getting Started translation is ended with changes that you said.

For Italian version I’ve added this, in First Steps session :

Se hai appena generato un cerchio di raggio 0, sarà quello attualmente selezionato (puoi anche ritrovare, in caso tu abbia già cliccato altrove, l’oggetto tra quelli presenti nel Pannello Piani)
<(You can also find, if you’ve already clicked elsewhere, the object between those found in Layers Panel)>
It’s a short description and, in my opinion, really useful.

The tag {{DevNotesBegin}} has been transposed in :

{{Note|Note di sviluppo|Se verifichi …

because is not possible (in my experience) to attach a translation to the title…, any suggestions?

Alwais in First Steps I propose an otimization for Synfig :

in wiki …
…a green dot at the center, and a cyan dot on the radius…
If the dots are not selected, all are in a a dark green color and is not possible to distinguish one by another
(this in win, I’ve not checked it in linux).


PS: If somebody want help me to transate wiki pages in Italian I’ll be glad :smiley:

BottyE, something must have gone wrong when you’ve translated the wiki. In the english tutorials page there are some articles that is in italian.

Hi rylleman,

thank you for reporting.

Now it should be ok.

[[Category:Manual|Manuale :?: ]]
[[Category:Unverified :?: ]]


Sorry but, please someone can help me to understand better how wiki works with Doc and Category?

I have this two files, they are near the same (I’ve changed now the Page Info Section)
Wich is the correct one?

Maybe is a problem born when I started translating files!?

I’m a bit confused,
normally I see the English structrure and generate a /it
Then I paste the English contente of the file in /it and translate…

Where’s the mistake?

Thank you very much :slight_smile: :exclamation:

The first one is correct. All tutorials and manual pages should be in Doc namespace. All glossary pages, definitions and reference pages go to main namespace (i.e. Duck, Layer, Blur Layer, Canvas Window, etc.).

Thank you very much,

but now how can I delete the wrong page?

Thank you again


please, for Insert item (smart)

smart what it mean :

rapid or intelligent?

Thank you

You don’t need to delete but move it and give it a new name

Hi all,

I’m translating in Flower Animation-Animating Shapes this phrase :

My question is : if the shape already exist how can I create it again?
In Italian this make no sense.

Tryng the tutorial the concept it seems to be more clear as follow :

That in English sounds like :

See image for detail (the shape trace before clicking on the gears button).

Think you is better to esplicate in this manner the things also in english version?

Can you help me also for previous question :

Insert item (smart)

smart what it mean :

rapid, fast or intelligent (or both)?

Thank you

Please use this meaning and also modify the English version. This is more accurate, because as you said, the shape doesn’t exits, just the trace (or path).

It means intelligent because it does the right things depending if you’re in animation mode or not and also it “tries” to insert a vertex with the proper tangents to not modify the bezier shape (which is not always true and should be fixed).


thaks a lot; done.

In the follow row :

always in Flower Animation-Animating Shapes at the end of the row in English version there was the final again that I’ve deleted because last “Split Tangents” is really far! It no make sense I think.

If you think otherwise, let me know, if you want I retype it. It has, however, no sense in Italian…

Thank you

I’m sure your modifications on the original English version are proper and correct. :wink: