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Hi all!

A few days ago, due to busy for work and after personal problems, I returned to translate Synfig and I’ve saw the GOOD Transifex news! Thanx!

Translating the .63 core I’ve found a strange Franch translation for some phrases…
French is a great help for me in case of doubt!

See the image…

(Sorry I’ve not found the French Tsanslation Post)

There is a method in Transifex to translate a word occurence in all the /IT phrases?

Bye and Thanx!!!


I think that those “strange” translations comes from a fuzzy translation made by one po editor.
AFAIK, there is not way to translate all the occurrences of a string on the po file using transifex. Usually po editors do that job doing a fuzzy translation, but it is better to review all the fuzzy translations before submit the patch.


Hi all,

I’ve finished the core/studio translation and I would like to proceed on the wiki, but the attached error appear (like in the image or similar) on all wiki pages!?

Is there someone who already saw this problem and work on it?

Can I continue translation or may occour bad errors that maybe make me lost work or other?




I would delay the wiki translations updates a few days until zelgadis fix the errors that come from the latest tuxfamily servers upgrades. I’ll ping Zelgadis to ask him to fix them as soon as possible once he coms back from the holidays.


OK, I’m back and have fixed those errors. Please report if you encounter any issues.


Again about translations… :slight_smile:

In :
I’ve tranlated some tips inserted in the images loaded by Genete.

In this type of cases should be usefull use GIMP with .xcf extension on order to manage the layers.

In attach the two files (.xcf and .png) of Pantallazo1.png with modifications.
[Texts are inserted in layers, but of curse, also ballons maybe layerized for better fit translation needs]

I’ve also loaded the .xcf in wiki for a easier view.

What you think if in general in the site all the images be managed with .xcf and published as .png?

This is vey useful and rapid for translators and users could appreciate the imgs with translated notes…

Let me know…
Videata01 - ex xcf.txt (946 KB)


It is not a bad idea to have a xcf file for edition for different languages. Maybe this one should be fully updated including the latest changes on the Canvas window (top buttons).
I just would like to listen someone else opinion to make the English version change to this schema.
Thanks BottyE!


how about svg with link to diff screenshots in diff languangs. the translatable strings and marks can be export to a po. so the translators just take the po and prepare localized sreenshots. anything else will be automatically done by computer via scripts.


sif should work as well


Yes, but we are talking about a file stored in the wiki. I don’t know if it is possible to do automatic translations of po files in a wiki engine.



I don’t know how .svg format works, and however I don’t think that works properly with images as the icons over the bgimage.

See the attach Videata01 - Dettagli01.png

Here I cloud the old Params tab and update it to the new interface version in a easy way.
With .po files i must otherwise manage an image and a .po file.

Better is the .sif file, but I don’t know so well the tools as in GIMP…

The image Videata01.xcf/png it’s only partially changed because I modify it completly only if the idea is accepted :wink:!

Another usefull things may be a public synfig contributors repository that collect all the images [dialogs, buttons, menu bars,…] divided by Synfig graphical-interface versions releases.
It could be very usefull for translators or tutorials makers that doesn’t need to re-capture the same images. Added to this the wiki should be more coerent.
P.S.: I like very much the idea to share the same image (e.g.: the layers tab with a standard name) for all the wiki! And .sif could do this (I don’t know well, how), in GIMP we could use Filters|Web|Map Images!

— This should be moved from here I think —
One thing, I would like to give birth also designed for elementary objects, for example, parts of the body [eyes, nose, mouth, ears,…] or other objects such as chairs, tables, windows, trees, that may be used to compose complex landscapes without having to “reinvent the wheel” (also and especially for beginners).
—But that’s another speech—


in Interface page there is a mistake;
the big image don’t explain what in text bottom and the text is uncomplete.

The original one should be the zoommed img in Layers Panel image.

Pls, correct the eng version as you want, so I can traslate properly.



I’m starting to think on setting up git repository for source images.

  1. Source sif files are stored in the git repository.
  2. Source sif files have translatable strings and managed with .po files. Even more, we can manage translatable strings with transifex…
  3. Source sif files reference icons from the main synfig package - when icon in synfig package changes, then screenshot changes automatically(if properly set up)
  4. Images daily generated from the sif files and uploaded to the webserver (we can use someone’s PC for that)
  5. Wiki references those images.


That would be awesome!


It seems very Good :slight_smile: :exclamation:

What about menu voices?
Images or translatable strings?



In fact we can avoid translatable strings in images. Just use numbers instead of text. Like Tupi does - … components (see Fig #5). I think that should be policy for wiki images…


Ok, it seems good for areas in panels (evolution of ,
but for menus and images like it could be getting too crowded and/or difficult for read.

Can we write texts with a white background over a background image in wiki?
I’m thinking of an image with a white map in position that we need translate with text on it.

Another idea, easier to implement, could be an image map like in this example this

All images in english and translations with a css map or an old style html map.

After this little brainstorming, the idea I like best of all is :
More readable in attach.

If we use a bkgrnd non semi-transparent we can cover the english text with the translated one.

Maybe we can found a free tool for this kind if maps…

Advantages :
Images : Only the original english one
Translations: directly in wiki (I think that’s possible)

What about?


here the evolutions of the idea.
We can use code attached, with css on an original in-english img.
See Cell1
but we have a bad bkgrnd for texts
Or we can have a “blanked” img with no bkgrnd in css.

Here the html code.


Tela InLinea

Let me know about.


Text on (379 KB)


My opinion that we should have captions on images as less as possible. It is very hard to replace all text in menus, so the best is to use English interface screenshots for all language versions…

Having css on top of the images is interesting idea. But it’s hard to implement. Will take approx 2 months for me to implement… and this is not top-priority task at the moment. So I’m doubt. And css overlays will make it hard to export online manual to PDF. I would better dedicate my time to establish online synfig clipart, sorry…


Ok, as you said is not top-priority do this [at least now].

When I transalted all the wiki in italian, I will think :wink: :exclamation:

If there are no problems, I could start with a test on an italian page leaving the images as they are and overlapping labels (with a white bkgrnd) and when you have the "time to lose :slight_smile: " you can test it for pdf export…


Note that css layers are now in Outline Layer already



Css layers? aaaah, you mean css styles! Yes, styles are not problem, but layers…

Of course, no one forbids experimentation. ^___^ But still I prefer having repository with .sif files for screenshots…