Install problem with Windows 7

Hi, I’m very new to computer drawing and trying to learn animation and need help installing Synfig. I am not a computer geek, just an user. I’m a design engineer by day and use Autodesk AutoCAD and Solidworks so I’m not completely computer dumb.

System is windows 7 pro running on an HP laptop 64 bit, model dv7-3085dx. I run Solidworks and aCAD on this system just fine so mem or processing power should not be the problem.
I’ve tried to do a screen shot of install, but no luck pasting it here.
Dialog box says to choose components and all are checked but Synfig Studio. Can’t get it checked.
I cannot find the program.exe file to run program, just the install .exe, it just wants to uninstall and reload itself.

Any prossilbe answers?

Goldwing Rider

Usually leave the default options at installation time is enough for most of the system. I is very weird that Synfig Studio is not checked on the installation process. Probably it can’t be unchecked and it is checked but greyed.

See the installation wizard image would help to fix the issue.
If you still having the screenshot image, I think that you can paste it here. If for some reason it fails, please use, it is free and very quick.

Why is the img not showing up?

Synfig Studio is checked but greyed out.

Now what? I guess I am missing something. (take that anyway you want :laughing: )

Goldwing Rider

There is nothing wrong.

Greyed out means it is not an option but a must, since your going to install “Synfig Studio”. The others are optional, you can install or not install depending on your demand.

Unless you know exactly what they are, To install all optionals is a good idea for most users.

You need a link to the actual image, not a webpage with the image inside.

According to the install wizard image you have posted, there isn’t anything wrong in the installation process.

I told you I’m a user and not a geek :blush:

Last night I un-installed synfig and reinstalled. At the start menu “Synfig Studio” came up (never had before) with a pink bar highlighting it. Before I could click on it, I watched it just disappear from the start menu! Gone, wasn’t anywhere on the start menu. Maybe that’s why I never saw it before.

I rebooted my system. When I went to the start menu synfig studio was back without the pink highlight. When I clicked on it it opened OK. But I get a black dialog block on top of everything. I can click on any other panel and the dialog block goes behind the other panels, but if I click on the red X to close the dialog block the whole program shuts down and I get an error message “Synfigstudio.exe has stopped working” Then the program shuts down.

If I don’t close the dialog block everything seems to be OK, but I did not have time last night to really try anything with the program, all panels are there on the screen.

Is this normal? I can live with this either way but I would like to know if this is how the program works or not.

Thanks, Goldwing Rider

This is normal. In Windows, when a new program is installed, there is one pink (soft orange) mark on the folder installation at the Start menu. It will remain like that until reboot.

That’s the weirdest part. I can’t imagine what happened.

The black window is usually behind the rest of windows but if you click on it (maybe you did it accidentally) it raises up, like any other window. That window is needed to be opened meanwhile Synfig Studio is running. You can minimize it and forget about it by now.

Except the disappearing entry at the Start menu, everything looks fine to me.


Thanks Genete,

I was beginning to wonder if my system was doing strange things are not.

Looking forward to learning how this works, there are several things I have wanted to make an animation of for many years.

Goldwing Rider

Time I re-did the “Install Synfig under Windows” video for YouTube :frowning: