Installed 0.63.05 and no EXE file

I downloaded ver. 0.63.05 from this website and also sourceforge and the exact same thing happens. I install (selecting all checked) and it installs and the button says ‘close’. I click close and it closes… So… I go the the Installed directory and there are 6 folders (bin,docs,etc,examples,lib,share) and an Uninstall icon. NO .exe. I have already looked online, in the support and youtube and found nothing on this. Am I missing somthing obvious here?

note: I did find this previous question that sounded similar (the missing EXE file part) but there was no resolution on that part of the problem

I am also using Windows 7

Any advice is appreciated.

Look inside the bin folder.

Aah thank you very much, Genete. I knew it had to be my error when I found no answer online. Thank you for taking the time to answer a newbie’s dumb question :slight_smile: