How to zoom in on part of a scene

So I have a scene where one character walks over to another, and I want the camera to zoom in on both of them. How would I do that? How can you zoom in/out of an object or scene without actually increasing the size?


encapsule them both and add a scale layer. It’s good practise to always keep a top scene paste layer with everything inside it.

This thread might be useful for you:

Thanks Rylleman, that worked.

Also thanks to Genete. I’ll check out that camera widget at some point, but right now since I’m new I’d like to keep things as simple as possible, so I’ll go with the scale layer solution.

is there any way to zoom out or in of a scene gradually, instead of at once?

also, when zooming in at once using the scale layer, how would you then zoom out?

To scale gradually just animate the amount parameter…
To zoom out, make the amount parameter of the Scale layer negative.

This link is no longer any good, could you please update?