How to draw if I do not have a graphics tablet?

As I previously just used video and photo editing software, I haven’t bought any graphics tablet as I had no use of them, and now there is a lockdown in my city, So I can’t go out right now to buy one.

So do you have some tips or suggestions on how I can draw with my mouse on my desktop, or is there already an AI tool to do this? Or can I draw with my iPad or iPhone?

Draw however you want with anything you want.

If you want to do animation with Synfig, and specifically want to do vector animation, you need to use something like Inkscape which is Vector Graphics software (also Inkscape exports to .sif file directly) or something like Adobe Illustrator.

And also you can think of vector art as drawing with the mouse because you create basic shapes and curves with Vector graphics rather than the drawing with brushes (in raster drawings). Vector has an unlimited resolution, so you can scale your animation to any resolution. Vector graphics is a set of mathematical instructions that tell the software how to draw (lines, curves, colors, etc).

For Inkscape tutorials, you can watch LogosByNick

After some practice, you can create anything in Inkscape.

Taking about AI tools I don’t know any :frowning:.

Also you can look at animations that are created in Synfig, by me (files are included)


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To me, I preferably like to use Krita for my animations in Synfig Studio. It’s been my main program for drawing for about two years. (You can’t export them as a .sif file, but I find it pretty fun to use.)

You can also do it the “old way”: paper, pen and scan (or photo).
Then vectorize it by hand or with the dedicated tool : Vectorization of Bitmaps — Synfig User Manual 1.4.0 documentation
For more tutorials about this process, you can visit the site of our friend @bazza

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What I did was that fist of all changed the mouse sensitivity and lowered it then set the inkscape smoothness to highest value possible used a good and comfortable mouse pad and started exercising I suggest you to try drawing circles and straight lines both horizontally and vertically
And also if you’re lines are sharp or noisy try simplifying your lines
Also the mouse sensitivity is very different between mouses and OSs usually you need to lower the mouse sensitivity but see what you are comfortable with

Vectorizing doesn’t try it, but with scanned paper it’s a slow and fat process, I don’t recommend it to anyone with synfig.

You can vectorize using only your mouse, you scan or take a picture of you draw and imported to Synfig, or any other vector program