Any tutorials on connecting my graphic tablet to synfig

I have a Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660 Cintiq 16 and I am definitely not professional in these things, I just wanted to ask if anyone has the same graphics tablet, or even if they know how to setup and connect this, then can you help me?

I didn’t get a YouTube tutorial for it yet.

A tablet is just acting as a mouse, with 2 possible modes:

  • Absolute: the cursor’s position on the pad mirrors the screen position
  • Relative: movements are done like for a mouse, sometimes you have to lift the pen to reposition of the cursor

Each tablet has a utility permitting to set it up and calibrate if necessary, and of course to switch between the 2 modes.

But it is not so much convenient for a vector-based program (Synfig, Inkscape…) unless you would have an integrated screen like a Wacom Cintiq which would require you to sell of one of your kidneys to buy it…

I would use the tablet only for raster programs such as Krita, MyPaint, Gimp… where a tablet can be used like a real pencil/brush


I also have that, 30% off while I was searching the store. Because of the deals of festive season, we recently had holi, that’s why I have these two tablets.

I also use illustrator, so no big deal if it will not work with synfig, but at least the Cintiq should work.

Don’t worry, as I say, a tablet is just a mouse with some added properties.

P.S.: To avoid hand contact with the screen of the Cintiq, you can use the face mask trick on the hand :mask:

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What do you think? If a person is able to afford a 500$ graphic tablet, he would surely buy a 5$ artist glove. :wink:

Btw, thanks for the tutorials.

I had in mind the big Cintiq Pro (24 or 32’) which cost about $4000 :stuck_out_tongue:
Long time I didn’t check Wacom products, having a good old little Intuos at home, maybe I will invest in a Cintiq like yours before the coming economical crisis will allow the governments to steal the money of our bank account… :money_with_wings:
:pig2: :hammer:

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My primary monitor is 22’ FHD, that Cintiq would be literally bigger than my monitor… LOL…

Insane, this costs more than my macbook and ipad already.

Talking about the government-debt crisis? That’s really sad to hear, 23k drachma per capita is pretty low, I can’t literally spend more 2 days with this much. I can’t even guess how people in Greece could spend a month with it.

No, I’m talking about general “Western block” crisis (financial, lack food, war…).
In European Union, there are directives to steal money of people from their bank account in order to prevent banks bankruptcy (well, if you have above 100.000€ only) and to prepare us to the removal of cash in favor of upcoming Digital Euro only.
All this coupled with Digital ID (coming September 2022).

P.S.: In Greece like most of the rest of European Union, we use € instead of drachma since January 2002 :wink:

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That one, why didn’t I think of it. :sweat_smile:

I tried to convert the amounts to greece currency, but it showed me drachma, then I thought euro is not the currency, the site was not updated I think, otherwise 23k euro is pretty close to my earnings, which is really good amount.