How to add an outline effect to an Outline Layer

I have some text that I drew using the spline tool and created it with outline layers. I want to add a white outline effect to these layers. I tried to do this by using a Shade layer, but it’s not giving me the desired effect. In some other graphics software, you can use a “drop shadow” or glow effect to achieve this (by also setting the feather to be a hard stop). Is there a way I can do this easily in Synfig?

It doesn’t seem like a glow/outline/“hard drop shadow” effect exists in Synfig. I know I can link points together. Should I duplicate the outline layers, then have those duplicates be white and have a larger width?

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As far as I know there is no Grow_Outline layer, but the Group layer has a property called Outline_Grow that serves the same purpose. I suggest duplicating the text group like you said and then adjusting Outline_Grow as needed.

Unfortunately, Outline_Grow only works on Outline and Advanced Outline layers. Text and region layers unaffected.

That seems a proper solution, you should do that.

So if you want a hard drop shadow without the blur you can set the Shade Layers size property to zero. This will create a hard drop shadow.

Also, you can use a combination of filter groups to achieve the effect that you want.

Here’s an outline of the outline effect.

Also you can use Filter Group as described in

I went with @GregorysonofCarl’s solution as it seemed to be the simplest of them all and it is working well for me.


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