Hi All

Hello everyone.

I’m a stay at home mom who happens to also be a bit of a geek. I’ve been playing around on and off but more off with Synfig for about a year but have only just discovered this forum. I’m hoping to create animations for my kids - one’s a toddler the other (who’s 10) will probably learn this software quicker than me. I got distracted with Blender after an IT industry friend said it was better, but I actually prefer to create 2D anime kinds of images and I’ve found Blender to be hard work. I’m liking Synfig so far.

So I hope you all don’t mind me asking some pretty basic questions. :smiley:

The first of which …

I work best with a pdf or hard copy type of tutorial to plough through offline, as opposed to video/youtube tutorials. Does anyone know of any pdf or e-book kinds of tutorials outside of synfig wiki?

Many thanks!

Welcome to this friendly part of internet,

You can found an “old” offline wiki here , it’s june 2010 years old.
Also there is the first part of the doc “the walkthrough” available here (link from wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Main_Page )

Has the synfig terminology is about to change in next version, the wiki is deeply changing, in a few month this (2010/06) offline doc will be very out of date, until this time (synfig v0.63.06) this can help you somewhere.

I wish you nice animations and fun in familly.


Welcome to the forums and please share with us your animations.

Cheers DJay - will take a look.

I would love to. Now that the kids are a little older I should be able to get back to learning this software. Looking forward to showcasing my first experiments. :smiley: