Terminology rewrite sprint

Hello everyone!

We are preparing the release of new version of Synfig. After a long discussion it was decided that many things will have different names in the new version. That means introducing the new terminology

Here’s the list of changes:

  • Duck -> Handle (edited on 12.01.2013)
  • Curves Panel -> Graphs Panel
  • Encapsulate -> Group (icon needs to be reworked: box or folder)
  • Paste Canvas / Inline Canvas layer -> Group layer (icon needs to be reworked: same as above)
  • Group -> Set (icon needs to be reworked)
  • Add/remove from Group->Add/remove from Set (icon needs to be reworked)
  • BLine -> Spline
  • BLine Point -> Spline Point
  • BLine Tool -> Spline Tool
  • Params Panel -> Parameters Panel
  • Children Panel -> Library Panel
  • CPoint -> Color Stop

Now we need to update the documentation pages before release and that’s why we are running that sprint.

We have revision approval enabled for the wiki. It means that no changes will be visible on the wiki until they will get approved by moderators. That allows us to safely rewrite documentation pages for the new terminology, but keep those changes hidden until the new version of Synfig will be released.

So, moderators should NOT approve revisions containing the new terminology until the release.

You can download the binary packages with the new terminology here:

To organize our work on updating documentation we will use following workflow:

  1. Select page to rewrite and assign it to yourself
  • Go to wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Dev:Sprints … erminology and see the list of pages pending for rewrite. Decide for yourself which page you will be working on. Please ignore the pages having some username (inside of “<” and “>” symbols) after the title - that means someone is already rewriting this page now.

  • You need to mark the chosen page as assigned to you. Please edit the list of pending pages and add your username near the title, surrounded by “<” and “>” symbols. Example: wiki.synfig.org/wiki/index.php?t … ldid=16615

  1. Rewrite the page
  • Open chosen page. Go to edit mode.

  • Now you have to carefully rewrite the page by doing search operation and replacing the found terms with new ones. Please take your time to replace carefully and check if your modifications fit the cotext. Make sure to do search in case insensetive mode. The search requests:

** “duck” (replace to “handle”)
** “bline” (replace with “spline”)
** “cpoint” (replase with “color stop”)
** “curves” (replace with “graphs”, but only IF it’s about “Curves Panel”)
** “group” (replace to “set”, but only IF the context is related with “Groups Panel” functionality)
** “params” (replace with “parameters” if it’s about “Params Panel”).
** “child” (replace “child” or “children” with “library” if it’s about “Child Panel” or “Children Panel”. Please don’t confuse with “Children Lock”)

  • When all the terms above are replaced then you have to replace the next ones (please make sure that you have those replacements only after all termins in previous step are replaced):

** “encapsul” (replace “Encapsulated”/“Encapsulation”/etc with “Group”)
** “paste” (replace mentions of “Paste Canvas” into “Group”)
** “inlin” (replace mentions of “Inline Canvas” with “Group”)

  • Add the {{NewTerminology}} at the top of the page. We need that because it is possible that while we doing that sprint someone will add the new pages to the wiki. Surely the newly added page won’t be listed at wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Dev:Sprints … erminology and thus it won’t be updated. But if we have all updated pages marked with {{NewTerminology}}, then after the sprint will be finished we can filter the pages and see if there are any pages we have skipped.

NOTE: Please add the {{NewTerminology}} even if page have no matching words to replace. That way it is marked as done.

  • Please specify following summary for your revision: “Terminology Updated”. That will allow approval moderators to identify your edit as related with new terminology.

  • Preview your changes. Read the edited page from start to the end to ensure that it’s readable smoothly with new terminology. Correct the mistakes if found.

  • Save page.

Example of edited page: wiki.synfig.org/wiki/index.php?t … ldid=16614

  • If the page title contains any of the terms above to replace, then rename (move) page accordingly. Don’t worry, moving page won’t get effect until it will be approved.
  1. Mark the page as rewritten

NOTE: I don’t see the reason to rename image files for now. The filenames aren’t visible anyway. And I believe they will be replaced when all screenshots will be updated, right?

EDIT 2013-02-05: If you willing to update images as well, then Carlos have a good advice:

A tiny question:
Color point or Color Point?

As we are using American English (color) instead British English (colour) we should also take care of use center instead of centre


Tiny question, as I come late in the discussions I guess it’s settled already, but did you consider handle to replace duck? I use to like shorter words for common terms, and we all know ducks were pretty much everywhere… hence “handle” is shorter than “control point”… which I guess will quickly be abbreviated into something ugly for newbies, such as CP (go figure :confused: )

hope this helps.

Here we’llll go…

Even if i’ts what i have used (poignée) in the french doc instead of canard
For me : “Control Point”

Idea : Could be a good work to inform a max of website’s admin who host some synfig tuto about the renaming.
for example : linuceum.com/Desktop/animSynfig.php , contact : contactus (at) linuceum (dot) com
Maybe in SitesWhoPreserveSynfigDucks ?


OK, the binary packages for testing are available now:

I guess you mean "Stop"instead of “Point”. I prefer “Color Stop” over “Color stop”. Likewise we have “Layers Panel”.

We did considered “handle”. The decision was made to use “control point” instead. Well… After rewriting a few wiki pages ( url=http://wiki.synfig.org/wiki/index.php?title=Doc:Getting_Started&oldid=16621[/url] url=http://wiki.synfig.org/wiki/index.php?title=Library_Panel&oldid=16623[/url] - please use preview mode for viewing this pages ) I’m starting to think that maybe Handle would fit better. And Inkscape use handle word as well… So, I’m in doubts again. :slight_smile:

I don’t care what anyone else calls them: I’m going to carry on calling them ducks. :laughing:

Yes, right, Color Stop. I prefer Color Stop to Color stop.

I agree there. I prefer single words for important concepts especially when it would need additional when it is needed to refer to one of them in particular. For example refer to Radius Handle is shorter and easier to translate than Radius Control Point


So, looks like infamous “dictator decision” should be corrected. :smiley:

Whoever the dictator has been… go for it.
We would otherwise end up with the “cp” abbreviation I guess.

Wrong quote? :wink:

Jcome made the code changes and I’m rebuiding the packages now. :slight_smile:

DaveJ - I’m with you. They’ll always be ducks to me.

Hey guys, do you know this one ?

I feel that some unofficial duck’inside patchs will be released

Z : devsnapshot r20130109 installed correctly. “waiting” new one.
Has my system is in french, it’s very easy to found the new strings :wink:


The new packages are uploaded now:

Top post updated.

wow, very fast again…

I’ll be on a business trip for 10 days starting monday.
Will have access to Internet and hopefully some time to spend in the evenings.
(different time zone: GMT+5, then GMT+7, closer to pixelgeek :slight_smile: ).

I propose to do no wiki doc approvals before the release of the new version, from now on.
I’ll announce this accordingly in the forum post about doc approval and in the writers’ doc in the wiki.

Cheers OHo.

CPoint —> Color Stop (upper case for each word)

Maybe we can empty the ones already waiting (but the test one, library panel, antialisaing … )… ? to start with a clean list … .


Updated. Thank you. :slight_smile:

The ante-sprint revision is near to be done.
Just left in the “Pages whose approved revision is not their latest” the cut-out page (i have added a tips from the forum, i prefer let someone else approve, or not, it) and the already rewrited pages.


One thing I’ve discovered recently:
Other pages that are not doc namespace or that doesn’t belong to any namespace are not under revision control. For example the pages under Category and Command namespace aren’t under revision control.

Some of those pages has real content (for example the pages under Command namespace) and should be part of the renaming spring control, right?

Fixed. Now it is possible to approve/unapprove pages in the mentioned namespaces.

Notice that those pages not have any approved version yet and that means the latest version will be displayed by default.