Help me please... I'm new to the group : importing TSV files

I would like to know how to make my synfig recognize tsv files. when I try to import tsv files they just don’t show up

Hello and welcome, Horson.

What is your Synfig Studio version? The current stable 1.4.2 version does not support TSV, only PGO (Papagayo) files. And, as far as I know, nor will the future 1.4.3, but @KonstantinDmitriev may know something about it.

TSV support is available in current development release (1.5.0): you can use it for lip-syncing (by importing the TSV), but you can use it as a Value Node too (by converting a layer parameter to Animation File value node).

could you give me an example of how to proceed? I don’t understand much about programming


What is your case? Lip syncing?

yes that’s really my case

And do you have a TSV file?

If you have a TSV file:

  1. Import it: File menu > Import and choose the TSV file

  2. A new Switch Group layer will appear on Layers Panel.
    This Switch Layer is properly animated according to TSV file. However, it is still empty, without anything to be shown.

  3. Now you should import/draw your mouth shapes under this switch layer: each mouse shape layer should be properly named as Rhubarb defines (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H or X)

There you go.