[GSoC 2022] Google Summer of Code 2022

Hello guys!

As usual, this year we again decided to apply for the Google Summer of Code.

The organization application period is open now and it will close February 21 - 18:00 UTC (Google Summer of Code 2022 Timeline  |  Google Developers)

Now it is time to prepare all necessary docs for application.

Questions we should answer first:

  • Who is willing to participate as mentor? It would be nice if you provide a project ideas that you are willing to mentor. If you have potential student who can carry the project - please mention that too.
  • Who can help with preparing application docs? We have docs for previous year here - Google Summer of Code 2021 — Synfig developers docs documentation. Most information can be copied.
  • Help to discuss ideas for student’s projects. See list from previous year - Ideas List — Synfig developers docs documentation.
    Remember that we can accept idea only if there are someone who is willing to mentor it. In any case, post your crazy ideas in this thread and get fellow devs interested.
  • Prepare list of simple issues to test skills of aspiring students. We need to examine list of existing issues in our tracker and mark some of them with “good-first-issue”, “help-wanted” and “Easy” labels. Adding simple issues is also appreciated.

Important notes for GSoC 2022:

  1. This year there will be both projects for ~175 hours and projects for ~350 hours.
  2. Also this year, not only students can participate, but everyone over 18 years old can participate. The program will no longer be solely focused on university students or recent graduates. So if you previously wanted to participate, but could not, then this is your chance.

More details here: Expanding Google Summer of Code in 2022 | Google Open Source Blog

This year I plan to participate as a mentor.

Good luck to everyone.



What about an Outline tool?

  • join/merge outlines
  • split outline
  • cut off outline
    … ?

Good idea, but not with Synfig, because when you cut a spline then in Synfig it would be represented by two different Outline layers, and merging them would make them one layer. So maybe we should make the spline more like Standard SVG and then implement this feature.

Like implementing this

We should focus on curve editor, which would actually have spline curve interpolation. Adding this would make the animation much smoother and give more control to animator.

Also the same idea for posting/exposing Synfig actions to Python (or Javascript). And provide an interactive way for plugins to interact with the user.


+1000, if we could avoid to manipulate XML directly it would be a big progress

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I can’t see it as a problem. :confused:

We proposed it two GSoC ago :frowning: No potential candidates.
I started it a while ago but it’s too much work for me.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try this again. :wink:
(of course only in case if there is a person who willing to mentor this).
I think the main problem here is that first we should write a document which describes API (classes, functions) and how they make all together. Something like this -

Most of the time it is important to describe the expected outcome of the project in detail and, yes, usually this takes time. I have done a description for “Intuitive drawing” project, which fits very well for GSoC. But unfortunately I will not have enough time this summer to mentor it.

Note: we also need to update our list of active projects. I think it’s okay to mark “Lottie” and “Skeleton tool” projects as completed. Anyone can help? :slight_smile:


I will add it to ideas list.
New ideas for 2022 GSoC is available here: Ideas List — Synfig developers docs documentation


The idea of Cloud Rendering Platform proposed in 2020 would be great and even better if it was declined as a coolaborative distributed system like SETI@Home or Folding@Home projects.
We could have the possibility for everyone to “share” a part of its CPU to help to render projects of the others.

  • Possibility to choose hours of sharing, max allowed CPU, on idle…
  • Queueing
  • Centralisation of offers/requests

We could also imagine a system of points to permit a higher priority for projects to render for the ones who share the most and so on…
Of course open-source and with enough security to do only rendering and not bitcoin mining :stuck_out_tongue:

Who said communism?


First we would focus on scriptable commands without GUI stuff.

We should expose get_xxxx() methods of Canvas, ValueNode (and Const/Animated/LinkableValueNode) and Layer classes.
Then the synfigapp API would be exposed. :slight_smile:


Great idea, that reminds me SheepIt Render Farm.

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It looks like I will be able to mentor “Conan integration for Build System” project. I am into that stuff anyway in next months, so I don’t mind to get a student and curate him to do that work. :slight_smile:

Done - https://github.com/synfig/synfig-docs-dev/pull/85

Also, I have added Conan integration to Ideas List -

Considering current political situation, I suggest that we add at least one more person as GSoC administrator, who is not resident of Russia. If anyone interested please contact me ASAP. :slight_smile:

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Resident in Greece available :wink:


Awesome! Thank you! We have enough administrators now. :slight_smile:

i’ve always wanted a converter that would allow points on a spline to animate to audio or objects to animate automatically to audio. Well it may not be a converter but that’s something I would love to have in Synfig. I’m too late to share :sweat_smile:


Yes, that can be a nice Waveform Converter or just a script. It is not to late to add your idea. Please feel free to submit into Ideas List!

You can edit this page through GitHub - https://github.com/synfig/synfig-docs-dev/blob/master/docs/gsoc/2022/ideas.rst

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Hey everyone,

I’m an aspiring GSOC contributor here and my project of choice would be " User Interface improvements " and " replacement of deprecated GTK classes". I don’t know if it’s allowed to combine two of the suggested projects but I have read that now there are large projects (around 350 hrs if I remember correctly). I’m free all summer and I enjoy contributing so I thought why not! I could probably put in way more time than that.

Regarding why I chose those two projects specifically is because after some time of being around here I found myself coming into contact a lot with UI related issues, and therefore got to know more about gtkmm. Also while doing so I found out that I actually enjoyed tweaking things to get different implementations and functionalities that have the potential to enhance the user experience.

Edit: I have seen that a better idea would just be to expand the scope of the already given UI project, instead of also working on replacing deprecated GTK classes, by implementing and fixing more things which would help keep the project more consistent and really be able to deliever a meningful, sensed addition to Synfigs UI.


Hii Everyone,

Myself Dhairya Bahl and I am a part of synfig from more than 1 year. I would love to mentor the following project ideas for this year.

  • Enhance building process by integrating Conan C++ package manager
  • Replacement of deprecated Gtk classes
  • Building Synfig with the MSVC/vcpkg toolkit

I can help the contributor with these projects. All of my work till now is closely related to replacement of deprecated Gtk Classes. And I am able to understand that how I exactly rest of the two issues must be approached. So, I think that I will be able to guide the fellow contributors with these project ideas.

Kindly consider me as a mentor. :smile:

@ice0 @rodolforg @KonstantinDmitriev