[GSoC 2020] Google Summer of Code 2020

According to faq? yes why not.
But if you ask me I would recommend you focus only on one(if both project you wish to apply are for synfig)

I need a little help here. I have added a .h and .cpp file in studio and I got undefined reference error.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

You should add those filenames to autotools (ie. Makefile.am) and CMake (ie. CMakeList.txt) build system files.
They should be in the same folder your new files are placed on.


Hey guys ,
I’m Harsh Pandey
I have some previous experience in working with Build Systems especially MakeFiles and Waf and wanted to contribute in the Implementation of CMake Build system .
I’m reading the docs currently and then will try solving the issues tagged with CMake to understand the codebase better.
Thank You!

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Hi, @brotherlymite!


I also want to remind all students that the time has come when you can prepare your draft proposals. If you have any questions please ask them here or ask your mentors (if this is a question about your project).



Hello admins, I’m signing off from synfig GSoC…

Have other priorities this and next month so I’m afraid I just don’t have time to fully commit to GSoC this year

I wish the best of luck to all synfig members and potential new contributors!

Animation is fun! So is hacking :slight_smile: :computer:

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Hi @ice0, @KonstantinDmitriev would it be possible for you to review my draft proposal? :smiley:

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It’s a pity you can’t try GSoC this year.
I wish you luck in your new duties and thank you for your contributions.
I hope you liked them and learn from them – until your next contributions :wink:


@Keyikedalube anyway thank you for your contribution! Hope to see you again!

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I can review your proposal. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the help :smile: . I will DM you my proposal.

@Keyikedalube Thank you for letting us know, I hope you will be able to participate next year!

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I’m writing my proposal for the Google Summer of Code 2020.

I actually took part in GSoC 2019 for Godot Engine.

I’m interested in implementing the Skeleton tool for Synfig.

I already built Synfig from Source code and got a good idea of how the UI is. It’s not clear in the documentation where to find the code for tools. Can anyone help me with that?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @DestinyGamer243 and welcome to Synfig! The code for tools is here - https://github.com/synfig/synfig/tree/master/synfig-studio/src/gui/states

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Thankss for the fast reply! :smiley: @KonstantinDmitriev

I have added some suggestions on the google doc. Have a look there. :slight_smile:


@saurabh22 @DestinyGamer243 @manofcode @kamalpreet @harshagrwl @haider_aabbas @ayesdie @arya @brotherlymite @Ayushkgp and all others willing to take part in gsoc.

I suggest you all to start submitting your draft proposals for review.

I would like you all to know that you can submit a draft proposal on gsoc website as well. And you change that as many times as you want.

So you are free to change your draft till the deadline i.e. 31 march 2020.

Also you can ping us your proposals or ask here for reviews if your mentor is busy someone else can review your proposal.

Best wishes to you all ! :slight_smile:



I submitted my draft for “Skeleton tool”. Can anyone review it? :sweat_smile:


@rodolforg or any other mentor can anyone please review my draft proposal for GSOC 2020 my idea is to replace deprecated gtk classes

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