GSOC-2019::Export Animation for Web



This task seems to be much difficult than what I thought of. I need insert and remove waypoints from the animation to achieve this. So I am devising an algorithm to take care of all the corner cases.
In the mean time, I will also start working on other layers for a good progress.
So this marks the finish of star layer. I have tested it from my side and everything seems ok till now.
@KonstantinDmitriev could you test this layer? Please inform if anything seems off.


You right, if inner radius is animated, then your code should take this into account and modify/replace waypoints in time segments where polygon parameter changes.

I will test the exporter for Star Layer and get back with my feedback. :slight_smile:

What layer type you would like to implement next?


I will get started with circle layer?
Also should push this new layer’s work on the same PR? Or a new pull request?


Circle layer - good. :slight_smile:

Let’s use the same PR. Just rename it accordingly. :slight_smile: