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@AnishG Looks great! Yes, please share your pre-proposal, I will be happy to provide my feedback. :slight_smile:


@KonstantinDmitriev, So I was getting familiar with the keyframes and the waypoints.
I came accross the interpolation part and got confused with the interpolation used in synfig.
So I read this wiki page.
Are the interpolations mentioned in this page somehow related to Bezier curve interpolation? Because lottie format currently uses this(bezier) interpolation method.
Any help would be appreciated.:slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks in advance!



Synfig has following types of interpolation:

  • TCB Smooth: If you imagine a graph of the parameter’s value against time, using the TCB interpolation type will fit a smooth curve between adjacent waypoints, much like the Spline Tool fits smooth curves between adjacent spline vertices.
  • Clamped: Acts like TCB interpolation, but never “overshoots” (or “undershoots”) the values you set in the Parameters Panel.
  • Ease In/Out: The graph is horizontal as it leaves the Waypoint.
  • Linear: The graph of parameter value against time is a straight line.
  • Constant: Stops the animation.

The main type is TCB. It is a Bezier-like type. See descriptions here -

Clamped is a type of TCB interpolation, with a tweaked values of Tension/Continuity/Bias/TemporalTension. You can se relevant commits in Git history, to see how Clamped type was introduced:

I highly recommend to check Synfig’s code, which describes how interpolation is calculated -


@AnishG I have tested your exporter PR and it looks cool! :slight_smile:


Any tips or sources that will help me understand lottie better?




I also recommend to read all comments here -


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Is it okay If I start documenting the mappings done till now at synfig-docs-dev?


Great idea! I have created a page at
Please feel free to edit it as you like. :slight_smile:


I will get started with it then! :grinning:


@KonstantinDmitriev, I have created a PR for documentation. Please have a look at it. :slight_smile:


Am I right to assume that only hold interpolations are present for the points parameter in star layer?
I tried experimenting with it, the only behaviour I could reproduce was hold/constant.
@BobSynfig any inputs would be appreciated :smile:


Lottie does not support animation for change between polygon/star parameter for the star layer. To support it, my suggestion:
whenever the polygon parameter is true, I will change the inner radius of the star such that the star looks like a regular polygon. (Mathematically: inner radius = outer radius * Cos(theta/2); theta = 360/Number of points)
Please give your input on this. If ok, I will start working on it.


Yes, this is good solution! :slight_smile:


This is not really a hold interpolation. The points parameter has integer type, so it will change non-smoothly.


…Here is an example:


(blue star uses Linear interpolation, red star uses Constant interpolation).

Source file - star-ponts.sifz (1017 Bytes)


BTW, after looking at Graphs panel, I have found that change of Points parameter is not really linear -

This looks like bug, I have filled an issue for that -


Yes, This seems to be a bug. For now, I will leave this points interpolation and work on animation of polygon/star parameter.
Thank you! :smiley: