Gravity Falls Theme" Original Lyrics Animated Videos [Flash]

Gravity Falls Theme" Original Lyrics Animated Videos



What the hell is this?! It’s actually fricking horrible. The overuse of squash and stretch, robotic and uncanny valley emotions, profile shots at 00:26 is some finest nightmare fuel.

It looks like… an automatic animation. Is it even Synfig? You aren’t trolling us, are you?

I think it’s great! Not really complicated but WELL DONE!!! Thanks for sharing.

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Well I guess I won’t be turning to you for any support or assistance.

You’re right, I am sorry for my harsh response. It sometimes happens when I get angry…
And I got angry because this dude posts animations he made in Flash on Synfig site, I think it’s wrong.

Why I assumed it’s Flash? Because he doesn’t answer questions about what software he uses (like if he deliberately avoids them) and that’s rude. He just uses this site to promote his work without actually caring about Synfig software.


I’ve wonder the same for a long time. He uses flash so, Why he insist in use this forum to post his work? even if it is for promote himself, we are not drowning on internet traffic over here, yet he still continues doing it.
Why @jali?! :flushed:


I understand. I sometimes get upset about things also but then I think about the other people who try to learn from each other on forums and realize that one person should not cause me to lose my temper and cause others to be afraid to accept my help. Just keep at what you are doing and don’t concern yourself with those who don’t agree with you.
Take care

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Thanks, you have a point. By reading some of my comments, newcomers may get a feeling that Synfig community is hostile and that would be my fault. I will try to be more tolerant.

Heh, I would be surprised if he answers that… But you know, I am just going to ignore the guy and his threads completely, so I won’t lose my temper again. Maybe moderators will do something about.

Posting artwork, even produced with another software than Synfig is not against the Forum’s rules:

Despite this, I would appreciate not to have to add myself the [Flash] addition in the title of each new post.
This way, newcomers would not be confused/fooled/disappointed about the possibilities of Synfig.
@jali Please do some efforts about it
P.S.: I miss the old good time of “freshness” of Jannat series