Google summer of code student guidelines

Hey there, you’re here means you are interested in participating with us(Synfig-studio) in GSoC 2020 that’s awesome.

I’ll recommend you read the following so you already know most of the things

  1. Please introduce yourself on forum first
    here ->Google Summer of Code 2020
    and let us know about you, which idea you will be willing to work with.

  2. Ask for anything regarding the project on forum. Most of the information is already there however you can also ask your silly doubt over here :wink:

  3. done with step 1? Welcome onboard! I will recommend that you try to build Synfig from sources
    Read this ->
    You can setup NetBeans IDE using these instructions ->

PS: people do ask where is the _debug folder mentioned in docs?
You need to build Synfig from sources first before setting up IDE

Um… actually I missed it during writing the docs. And yes I you found anything confusing about the docs please feel free to ask or make a PR regarding your edit.

Also read the contribution guidelines and you’re all set to rock!!

  1. After you are done with building do look for issues related to your project. In case you find none ask the respective Mentors (tag them use @)

Best of luck!